Recently Completed Grants

Syracuse University

Grant Title Funder Type Awardee(s) Role
Building Drug Intelligence Networks to Combat the Opioid Crisis in Rural Communities: A Collaborative Intelligence-led Policing Strategy NIJ Monnat co-I
Nudging Physical Activity in Early Adolescents with ADHD Lerner Center Landes co-I
Early Identification of Cognitive Impairment HFWCNY 1579 Brown PI
Assessing the Needs of Older New Yorkers Aging NY Wilmoth PI
The Minimum Wage and DI Participation SSA Engelhardt PI
The Decline in the Employment of African-American Men and Implications for Social Security Benefits SSA Engelhardt PI
National Health and Aging Trends Study NIH-NIA U01 Wolf PI
Educational Attainment; Geography; and U.S. Adult Mortality Risk: Alzheimer’s Disease supplement NIH-NIA R01 Montez PI
Housing Policies in California Cities: Seeking Local Solutions to a Statewide Shortfall CCRE Mawhorter PI
Age-related Changes in Learning and Memory Mediated through Noradrenergic Regulation of Astrocytes NIH-AG Korol, Gold PI, co-I
The Long-Run Impact of Temporary Disability Insurance Equitable Growth Wiemers PI
The Disablement Process of United States Veterans NIH-NIA R36 Wilmoth Advisory Mentor
SNAP Uptake and School Readiness in Virginia USDA Heflin PI
Creating Evidenced-Based Strategies to Address Administrative Churn in SNAP USDA Heflin PI
Reliability and Validity of the Adapted Physical Education Assessment Scale (APEAS II) Shape America Barreira PI
Does Child Support Increase Self-Sufficiency?: Evidence from Virginia NIH Heflin co-I
Identifying and Informing Strategies for Disrupting Drug Distribution Networks NIJ Monnat co-I
Despair, Death, and Democracy: Understanding Associations between Place-Level Economic Conditions, Population Health, and U.S. Election Outcomes Institute for New Economic Thinking Monnat PI
The Minimum Wage and Incentives for Full-time Work under the Social Security Retirement Earnings Test SSA Engelhardt PI
Does Early Food Insecurity Impede the Educational Access Needed to Become Food Secure USDA Hamersma co-I
Racial Differences in Arterial Stiffness and Cognitive Function NIH-NIMHD R03 Heffernan, Barreira PI, co-I
Accurate Causes of Death for Adults with Intellectual Disability Appleby-Mosher Fund Landes PI
Motivation to Address Early Stages of Age-related Hearing Loss Gerber Funds Doherty PI
SNAP and Labor Market Decisions over the Life Course Upstate Population Grant Hamersma co-I
The Impact of the Minimum Wage on Career Earning and Social Security Benefits SSA Engelhardt co-I
Movement for Healthy Aging ODFS Wilmoth, Korol PI, co-I
Understanding Land use Constraints to the Provision of Affordable Housing in California CA HCD Research Grant Mawhorter co-I
SNAP and Child Health: Evidence from Missouri Administrative Data USDA Heflin PI
Understanding the Georgraphy of Stress-Related Mortality in the U.S., with a Focus on Opiate Addiction and Drug Overdose Mortality USDA Monnat PI
Improved Measures of Population Health: Heterogeneity in Active Life Expectancy CDC/NCHS R03 Wolf, Montez PI, co-I
A Targeted Minimum Benefit Plan (MBP): A New Proposal to Reduce Poverty among the Elderly AARP Harrington Meyer co-I
Movement for Healthy Aging Initiative HFWCNY Wilmoth, Korol PI, co-I
Rural vs. Urban Differences in Prevalence and Predictors of High-Risk Opioid Prescribing PA Tobacco Settlement Fund Monnat co-I
The Psychosocial and Physiological Consequences of Taking and Not Taking Time Off US Travel Association Gump PI
The Impact of Family and Social Networks on the Work and Retirement Behavior of Older Americans SSA Engelhardt co-I
Dissemination of Findings from the Triggers of Decline in Vulnerable Older Adults Project HFWCNY Brown PI
Intergenerational Mobilityand Earnings Inequality Equitable Growth Wiemers PI
Durable Changes in Cognition and Astrocytic Bioenergetics after Drug Experience NIH-NIDA R21 Gold PI
Increasing Cessation Motivation and Treatment Engagement among Smokers in Pain NIH-NIDA F31 Ditre Sponsor
Religiosity and Mortality Risk in Later Life NIH-NIA R21 Silverstein PI
Mechanisms of Cognitive Deficits in Dystroglycanopathies NIH Gold co-I
Trajectories, Transitions, and Transmission of Religiosity in Baby-Boomers Templeton Foundation Silverstein PI
Earnings Instability and Earnings Variability RSF Wiemers PI
Religious Transitions, Transmission and Trajectories among Baby-Boomers and their Families Templeton Foundation R3T Silverstein PI
Spatially Heterogeneous Effects of SNAP Participation and Food Insecurity on Hispanic Children’s Health RIDGE Monnat PI
PFI for Smoking and Analgesic Misuse among Older Adults with HIV and Chronic Pain NIH-NIDA R21 Ditre PI
Exercise recovers cholinergic dysfunction through neurotrophin modulation NIH-NINDS R21 Korol Consultant
The Impact of Human Capital and Contextual Characteristics on Health Care Access and Use Disparities among Hispanics Living in Different Geographic Contexts RWJF Monnat PI
Family Self-sufficiency and Stability and Material Hardship: The Role for Public Policy after the Great Recession ACF HHS Heflin PI
Add Health Parent Study, Phase 1 NIH-NIA R01 Wiemers Consultant
Environmental Toxicants, Race, and Cardiovascular Disease Risk in Children NIH-NIEHS R01 Gump PI
Economic Status, Health, and Well-Being Over the Life Course and Across Genrerations NIH-NIA R01 Wiemers co-I
Contributions of Astrocytes to Metabolic Modulation of Memory NSF IOS Gold, Korol PI, co-I
Effects of Smoking Abstinence on Pain Reactivity: A Human Experimntal Model NIH-NIDA R21 Ditre PI


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