The Disability Health Equity Research Network (DHERN) supports disability health equity research, connects researchers and trainees, and fosters the inclusion of disabled people in these efforts.

DHERN Leadership Team

White man with brown hair and a neat beard smiles openly. He wears black frame glasses with a vibrant purple right lens and clear left lens and a black blazer over a pastel green collared shirt. He is against an even professional gray background.

Scott D. Landes, PhD

DHERN Co-Founder
Associate Professor, Sociology Department, Syracuse University

White woman with golden blonde hair smiles confidently. She wears a navy blazer and pearl necklace over a white blouse. She stands in front of a large window overlooking the Baltimore city skyline.

Bonnielin K. Swenor, PhD, MPH

DHERN Co-Founder
Director, Johns Hopkins Disability Health Research Center

Young white woman with shoulder length brown hair smiles cheerfully. She wears a soft pink v-neck blouse. She stands in front of lush green grass and trees.

Caroline Cerilli

Research Program Coordinator, Johns Hopkins Disability Health Research Center

Young white woman with dark hair cut just above her chin and pushed behind her ears smiles warmly and looks just up and to the left of the camera. She wears a camel collared shirt and is against a white background.

Nastassia Vaitsiakhovich

Ph.D. Student, Sociology Department, Syracuse University


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