Active Grants

Active grants supporting CAPS affiliates

Syracuse University

Grant Title Funder Type Awardee(s) Role
Developing an Instrument to Assess Intergenerational Digital Communication by Older Adults: Expanding the Solidarity Model Retirement Research Foundation Merril Silverstein, Maria Brown, Woosang Hwang PI, co-I
Paid Family Leave and Work-Eldercare Tradeoffs University of Iowa Doug Wolf PI
Educational Attainment, Geography, and U.S. Adult Mortality Risk Supplement to Parent award R01AG055481 NIH-NIA R01 Jennifer Karas Montez PI
Center for Aging and Policy Studies NIH-NIA, P30AG066583 P30 Karas Montez, Musick, Shaw, Wilmoth, Wolf PI, co-I
Erroneous Coding of Developmental Disabilities as Underlying Cause of Death NIH-NIA R03 Scott Landes PI
Network on Life Course Health Dynamics and Disparities in 21st Century America NIH-NIA R24 Karas Montez, Monnat PI, co-I
Intergenerational Antecedents of Care to Older Adults Approaching the End of Life With or Without Dementia NIH-NIA R21 Silverstein, Wolf, Brown PI, co-I
Spirituality and Prosocial Values in the Absence of Religion among Millennial’s and their Families Templeton Foundation Silverstein, Vasilenko PI, co-I
Glucose effects on Cognitive Functions Private Donor Gold PI
Training Diverse Undergraduate Teams of Veterans and Non-Veterans to Conduct Trauma Research with Veterans NSF SMA Gump PI
Impact of Dysfunctional BNDF on Dopamine Terminal Remodeling in the Parkinsonian Striatum NIH-NINDS R01 Korol PI
Local Initiatives, State Preemption, and Public Health RWJF Wolf, Monnat, Montez MPI
Genes, Education, Gene-Education Interactions in Obesity and Mental Health NIH-NICHD R01 Flores-Lagunes PI
Political Economy and Death: Deregulation, and Death in America Andrew Carnegie Fellowship Montez PI
Educational Attainment; Geography; and U.S. Adult Mortality Risk NIH-NIA R01 Montez PI
The Alcohol-Pain Connection: Mechanics and Genetic/Psychological Correlates NIH-NIAAA R01 Ditre PI
African American Dementia Caregiver Support Program NYDOH DOH01 Cowart, Brown PI, co-I


Cornell University


University at Albany-State University of New York