Pilot Grant Program

CAPS awards 2 to 4 pilot grants each year to CAPS affiliates and their collaborators. The purpose of the pilot grant program is to:

  • generate new lines of innovative, interdisciplinary, policy-relevant, and cross-institution research in CAPS signature and cross-cutting themes
  • encourage innovative team science in the demography and economics of aging
  • accelerate research and external funding success of CAPS affiliates

Each fall, CAPS affiliates receive a call for pilot proposals. Proposals are due in January.

Questions about the pilot program should be sent to CAPS@maxwell.syr.edu

Click on the links below for more information on the pilot grants awarded by CAPS.


 Health Shocks and Changes in Spatial Proximity between Parents and Children

The Consequences of Disabilities in Late Middle Age for Consumption Well-Being

Medicare Part D and Disparities in Chronic Disease among the U.S. Elderly Population

Demographic, Geographic, and Temporal Trends in Co-Occurring Use Disorders and Mortality from Opioids, Other Drugs, and Alcohol among Middle-Age and Older Adults in the United States