Lerner Center/CAPS Bulletins

How Does Educational Attainment Influence the Perceived Need for Future Assistance with Activities of Daily Living?
Julia M. Finan

Adopting the Standard Medical Deduction Increased State SNAP Enrollment and Benefits
Yuwei Zhang, Jun Li, Dongmei Zhu, and Colleen Heflin

Older Adults are at Greater Risk of Opioid Use Disorder in Communities with High Social Vulnerability
Tse-Chuan Yang, Seulki Kim, Stephen A. Matthews, and Carla Shoff

Waiving SNAP Interviews during the COVID-19 Pandemic Increased SNAP Caseloads
Colleen Heflin, William Fannin, Leonard M. Lopoo, and Siobhan O’Keefe 

Cognitive Functioning is Higher among Older Adults in Walkable Neighborhoods that Have Low Economic Disadvantage
Tse-Chuan Yang, Seulki Kim, Seung-won Emily Choi, Shannon Halloway, Uchechi A. Mitchell, and Benjamin A. Shaw

What Factors Increase Risk of Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Dementia?
Elizabeth Vasquez and Kai Zhang

Are We Accurately Counting the Disabled Population in the United States?
Nastassia Vaitsiakhovich, Scott D. Landes, and Bonnielin K. Swenor

Pain Limits Family Caregivers’ Daily Activities
Shelbie G. Turner, Karl A. Pillemer, Jamie Robinson, and M. Cary Reid

Why is Food Insecurity High among U.S. Grandparents who are Caring for Grandchildren?
Madonna Harrington Meyer and Anna Delapaz

ACA Medicaid Expansion Did Not Significantly Improve Maternal Morbidity
Pinka Chatterji, Hanna Glenn, Sara Markowitz, and Jennifer Karas Montez

Democratic Erosion Predicts Rising Deaths from Drug Poisoning and Infectious Disease
Jennifer Karas Montez, Kent Jason G. Cheng, and Jacob M. Grumbach

Medicaid-Insured Older Adults on SNAP May Have Stronger Medication Adherence
Colleen Heflin, Chinedum O. Ojinnaka, Irma A. Arteaga, Leslie Hodges, and Gabriella Alphonso

Financial Rewards Tied to Quality Measures Lead Home Health Agencies to Exaggerate Their Improvements
Jun Li and Meher Chahal

Children in Economically Disadvantaged Households Have Lower Early Literacy Skills than their Higher-Income Peers
Michah W. Rothbart, Colleen Heflin, and Gabriella Alphonso 

CDC Guidelines Hide the Alzheimer Disease Mortality Burden among Adults with Down Syndrome
Scott D. Landes

Food Insecurity is a Common Problem for Military Service Members and their Families
Colleen Heflin and Gabriella Alphonso

How did COVID-19 School Closures Affect Adolescents with ADHD
Nandini Jhawar, Ashley Schiros, Andrew S. London, and Kevin Antshel 

How Has Grandparenthood Changed in Rural China?
Merril Silverstein

Older Adults on SNAP Experience Gaps in Benefits
Colleen Heflin, Leslie Hodges, Irma A. Arteaga, Chinedum O. Ojinnaka, and Gabriella Alphonso

The Unequal Burden of Long COVID
Marc A. Garcia, Catherine Garcia, and Erin Bisesti

Limited Cognitive Ability May Reduce SNAP Participation among Older Adults
Colleen Heflin, Dongmei Zou, and Gabriella Alphonso

The Cost of Being a Woman: How Race and Education Affect the Gender Pay Gap
Erin Bisesti and Marc A. Garcia

Older Immigrants Are More Likely Than Older Nonimmigrants to Experience Loneliness
Stephanie Zemba and Janet Wilmoth

Sociocultural and Demographic Drivers of Latino Population Health in New York State
Marc A. Garcia, Mara G. Sheftel, Adriana M. Reyes, and Catherine Garcia

Allowing Cities to Mandate Employer Paid Sick Leave Could Reduce Deaths among Working-Age Adults
Douglas A. Wolf, Jennifer Karas Montez, and Shannon M. Monnat

Expansions in the U.S. Child Care and Development Block Grant Improved Program Stability
Hyojeong Kim, Colleen Heflin, and Taryn Morrissey

The Chances of Dying Young Differ Dramatically Across U.S. States
Nader Mehri and Jennifer Karas Montez

Resilience is Low among Both Military and Non-Military Populations with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
Kelsey Roberts, Janet Wilmoth, and Shannon M. Monnat

Civil Rights, Firearm Safety, and Environmental Protection Policies Predict Better Health among U.S. Midlife Adults
Blakelee R. Kemp, Jacob M. Grumbach, and Jennifer Karas Montez

COVID-19 Negatively Impacted Health and Social Relationships among Working-Age Adults with Disabilities
Claire Pendergrast and Shannon M. Monnat

Nine Ways Grandparenting is Changing with the COVID-19 Pandemic
Madonna Harrington Meyer 

COVID-19 Has Reduced the Latino Mortality Advantage among Older Adults
Marc A. Garcia and Rogelio Saenz

White COVID-19 Deaths Increased More in Red States Than in Blue States in 2021
Rogelio Saenz and Marc A. Garcia

Rural Adults Report Worse COVID-19 Impacts than Urban Adults
Shannon M. Monnat

COVID-19 Deaths Soared among U.S. Whites in 2021
Rogelio Saenz, Marc A. Garcia, and Claire Pendergrast 

Latinos Report Higher Rates of Cognitive Impairment than U.S.-Born Whites, But Rates Vary Between Latino Subgroups
Claire Pendergrast, Marc A. Garcia, and Catherine Garcia

What Do Epidemic History and Sexual Minority Men’s Experiences of HIV and COVID-19 Teach Us About Pandemic Preparedness?
Amy Braksmajer and Andrew S. London

COVID-19 Has Had Devastating Economic Impacts on Older Black and Latinx Adults
Claire Pendergrast, Amy Thierry, and Marc A. Garcia 

Consistent SNAP Participation Increases Preventative Health Care Visits for Infants
Colleen Heflin, Irma A. Arteaga, and Julia Stafford

The U.S. Should Expand Access to Dental Care for Older Adults
Madonna Harrington Meyer, Sarah Reilly, and Julia M. Finan

Older Adults are More Likely to Avoid COVID-19 Information
Julia Nolte and Corinna E. Löckenhoff

How Are Parental and Sibling Military Service Related to Adolescent Depression and Mental Health Service Use?
Andrew London

The U.S. Must Invest More in the Child Care Subsidy Program
Taryn Morrissey, Colleen Heflin, and William Clay Fannin

The U.S. Child Care Subsidy Program is Underused by Well-Positioned to Promote Racial Equity
Taryn Morrissey, Colleen Heflin, and William Clay Fannin

Older Adult Vaccination Rates Lag in Rural areas and the South
Claire Pendergrast and Yue Sun

Why are COVID-19 Vaccination Rates Lower in Rural than in Urban areas in the U.S.?
Shannon M. Monnat and Yue Sun

Elder Mistreatment is Pervasive in New York State
Karl Pillemer and David Burnes

Strengthening SNAP and TANF is Essential to Support Children in Early Childhood
Colleen Heflin, Michah W. Rothbart,  and Mattie Mackenzie-Liu

Proper Medication Adherence is a Challenge for Older SNAP Participants with Chronic Health Conditions
Colleen Heflin, Chinedum O. Ojinnaka, Irma Arteaga, and Lauryn Quick

Food Insecurity among Military and Veteran Families
Colleen Heflin

Racial-Ethnic Disparities in Educational Attainment Among Adults with Intellectual Disability
Erin Bisesti

Introducing the Intellectual and Developmental Disability (IDD) Age-at Death Tracker 
Scott D. Landes, Nader Mehri, and Janet M. Wilmoth

New York State’s Counties Have Different Trends in Population Aging
Nader Mehri

More Uncertainty Leads to Less Accuracy on Death Certificates for Adults with Intellectual Disability
Erin Bisesti and Scott D. Landes

Unmet Needs are Associated with Increased Stress and Poor Physical and Mental Health in Early Adulthood
Collen Heflin, Katie Green, Ying Huang, and Asiya Validova

Expanding Public Insurance Eligibility Increases Substance Use Treatment Provider Acceptance of Public Insurance and Increases Access to Treatment
Sarah Hamersma and Johanna Catherine Maclean

Allowing Cities to Raise Minimum Wage Could Prevent Hundreds of Infant Deaths Annually 
Douglas A. Wolf, Shannon M. Monnat, and Jennifer Karas Montez

COVID-19 Risk for Individuals with Intellectual and/or Developmental Disabilities Varies by Type of Residential Setting
Ashlyn W.W.A. Wong and Scott D. Landes

Progress in Closing the Age-at-Death Disparity for Adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
Scott D. Landes

Less Worthy Lives? We Must Prioritize People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities in COVID-19 Vaccine Allocation
Scott D. Landes, Margaret A. Turk, Katherine E. McDonald, and Maya Sabatello

COVID-19 Reduced Outpatient Visits by up to 70% in the US
Pinka Chatterji and Yue Li

There are Large Disparities between U.S. States in Cardiovascular Mortality among Adults aged 55 and Older
Nader Mehri

The U.S. Rural Mortality Penalty is Wide and Growing
Shannon M. Monnat

Physical Health Impacts of Grandparenting Children with Disabilities
Ynesse Abdul Malak and Madonna Harrington Meyer

Child Injuries and the Timing of SNAP Benefits Receipt
Colleen Heflin, Irma Arteaga, Jean Felix Ndashimye, and Matthew P. Rabbitt

COVID-19 Trends Among Adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD) Living in Residential Group Homes in New York State through July 10, 2020
Scott D. Landes, Margaret A. Turk, Margaret K. Formica, and Katherine E. McDonald

Rural COVID-19 Mortality Rates are Highest in Counties with the Largest Percentages of Blacks and Hispanics
Kent Jason G. Cheng, Yue Sun, and Shannon Monnat

Many Older Americans Do Not Receive the Recommended Home Health Care After Hospitalization
Jun Li, Mingyu Qi and Rachel M. Werner