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Intellectual and Development Disability (IDD) Age at Death Data Tracker
People with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) die at much younger ages than people without IDD. This website tracks trends for adults in the US, stratifying results by US state, biological sex, race-ethnicity, and year of death. Results will be updated annually.

IDD Age at Death Data Tracker

N.Y. State Population Aging Trends
The population in New York state was around 19.4 million in 2010, of which approximately 3.7 million people (19%) were aged 60 or over. Although the state’s population has remained relatively constant over the last decade, the 60+ population has increased to more than 4.5 million. In 2019, 23.4% of the state’s population was aged 60 or older. The percentage of the population that is 60+ has been increasing in each of the 62 counties in the state. However, there are large differences across New York counties in the percentage of the population that is 60+. More information, including county- level data, can be found in the following excel spreadsheet:

NY Counties 2010-2019