FAQs about the Pilot Grants

Will proposals be accepted after August 4, 2023?
No, August 4, 2023 is the submission deadline.
What is the time deadline for submission of proposals?
Proposals will be accepted until 5:00 PM Eastern Standard Time.
Will I receive a submission confirmation?
Yes, you will receive a confirmation email.
Is it possible to extend the project past 06/30/2024?
For a one-year project, If the R24 parent award is extended, you may apply to extend the period of performance. For a two-year project, no extensions will be allowed. The end date will be 6/30/24.
When can I apply for an extension for my project?
You may apply for a no-cost-extension 30-40 days before the end of your period of performance.
How do I apply for an extension of my project time period?
You can send an email to agingnetwork@syr.edu listing the date you would like to extend your project and a brief justification for the extension.
Which entity will be the awarding sponsor of the PILOT grants?
Syracuse University will be the awarding entity on the PILOT grants through a grant from NIH/NIA.
If I need more funding to finish my project can I ask for more?
 No, the funding is limited to the amount awarded.
Can I submit more than one proposal?
 You can submit only one proposal as a PI. You can submit a second proposal as a Co-I.
I applied for a pilot grant in a prior year. Can I apply again?
 Yes, you may apply again.
I received a pilot grant in a prior year. Can I apply again?
Yes, you may apply again.