Aging Studies Publications
Title Type Author(s) Date Source/Publisher
Longitudinal and cross-sectional age effects in nonverbal decoding skill and style. Articles Blanck, P.D., Rosenthal, R., Snodgrass, S.E., DePaulo, B.M., and Zuckerman, M. January 1, 1980 Resources in Education. November (ERIC Documents) and Developmental Psychology, 18, 491-98 (1982).
Self Evaluation Tool for Long Term Care Administrators. Other Monahan, D.J. and Koff, T.H. January 1, 1978 In Proceedings of the Second National Symposium on Education for Long Term Care Administrators, New Orleans, LA, 530-544.
Education for the Long Term Care Administrator — Alternative Models. Articles Monahan, D.J. and Koff, T.H. January 1, 1977 Journal of Long Term Care Administration, 5, 3: 48-52.