Intergenerational Solidarity with Digital Communication among Korean Adult Children and Older Parents: Associations with Mental Health During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Principal Investigator: Woosang Hwang

Active Dates: 2022 – 2023

Funding Source: The Center for International Affairs (CEFIA) of the Academy of Korean Studies


Using a dyad-centered approach, the proposed research aims (1) to uncover dyadic profiles of intergenerational solidarity with digital communication in Korean older parent-adult child pairs and (2) to examine how these dyadic profiles are associated with mental health within generational pairs. We will collect data from approximately 400 middle-aged adults and their older parents age 55 years and more in Korea. The proposed research will provide the field of Korean family studies with an updated intergenerational solidarity theoretical framework including digital communication, that can be used in primary research, policy analysis, and clinical setting. In addition, the proposed research will explain the association between multidimensional construct of intergenerational solidarity with digital communication and mental health within Korean middle-aged children and their older parents.