Tiago Barreira

Associate Professor, Exercise Science

Faculty Affiliate, Aging Studies Institute
Faculty Affiliate, Center for Aging and Policy Studies

Curriculum Vitae


Tiago Barreira is an expert in objective measurement of physical activity physical behavior’s (i.e., sleep, sedentary behavior, and physical activity). His research has focused on four main objectives related to the measurement of behaviors: (1) establishing validity and reliability evidence of measurement tools (i.e., pedometers, accelerometers, multi-sensor devices), (2) determining how to use measurement tools to obtain reliable and accurate information on behavior patterns, (3) the use of measurement tools as a motivation to promote improvements in behavior levels, and (4) investigating the relationship between behaviors and cardiovascular disease risk factors across the lifespan.

Email: tvbarrei@syr.edu

Phone: (315) 443-5588

Location: Women's Building Room 210F

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