Brett Jakubiak

Associate Professor, Psychology, College of Arts & Sciences

Faculty Affiliate, Aging Studies Institute
Faculty Affiliate, Center for Aging and Policy Stuies

Curriculum Vitae


Brett Jakubiak investigates how involvement in close relationships helps individuals to manage stress, cope with chronic illness, and pursue personal goals. Additionally, he is interested in the individual and relational consequences of receiving affectionate touch throughout the adult lifespan. His training is in psychology, with specific expertise in social, personality, and health psychology. Brett uses experimental and observational methods and has experience with complex statistical analyses that are necessary to study dyads over time. He received a pre-doctoral NRSA training fellowship from the National Institute on Aging as a graduate student, and continues to conduct research focused on aging populations as an Assistant Professor of Psychology at Syracuse University and an affiliate of the SU Aging Studies Institute.


Location: 516 Huntington Hall