Bhavneet Walia

Associate Professor, Public Health, Falk College of Sport & Human Dynamics

Faculty Affiliate, Aging Studies Institute

Curriculum Vitae


Bhavneet Walia is an Assistant Professor of Public Health in Falk College at Syracuse University and a Faculty Affiliate in Syracuse University’s Aging Studies Institute and the Maxwell School’s Lerner Center for Public Health Promotion.

Bhavneet is an applied health and labor econometrician. Her research interests are in the areas of healthcare efficiency (including markets for healthcare workers), maternal-child health, disability research and sports epidemiology. Her research work has appeared in leading field journals, including JAMA Network Open, PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases, BMJ Global Health, JMIR Human Factors, Journal of Market Access & Health Policy, Journal of Organizational Behavior, and Journal of Sports Economics.

Bhavneet is a part of several funded research grant project, including an NIH funded ADA PARC project for disability research and a Fahs-Beck funded project on research and experimentation related to refugee health.

Recently, Bhavneet’s research scholarship has focused more prominently on understanding and improving the efficiency of telehealth.

Within these research fields, she has published recent articles on

  • Telehealth and Healthcare Technology

Walia, B., Shridhar, A., Arasu, P., & Singh, G. K. (2021). US Physicians’ perspective on the sudden shift to telehealth: Survey studyJMIR Human Factors8(3), e26336).

  • Healthcare Efficiency and Access

Walia, B., Banga, H., & Larsen, D. (2022). Increased reliance on Physician Assistants: An access-quality tradeoff? Journal of Market Access & Health Policy, Forthcoming.

Walia, B., & Christopher, B (2021). Health Behaviors and Social Media. Scrimshaw, S. C., Lane, S. D., Rubinstein, R. A., & Fisher, J. (Eds.), The SAGE Handbook of Social Studies in Health and Medicine. SAGE.

Appiah, B., Walia, B., & Nam, S. H. (2021). Promoting COVID‐19 vaccination through music and drama—Lessons from early phase of the pandemic. British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology.

  • Deworming

Walia, B., Kmush, B. L., Lane, S. D., Endy, T., Montresor, A., & Larsen, D. A. (2021). Routine deworming during antenatal care decreases risk of neonatal mortality and low birthweight: a retrospective cohort of survey dataPLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases15(4), e0009282.

Kmush, B. L., Walia, B., Neupane, A., Frances, C., Mohamed, I. A., Iqbal, M., & Larsen, D. A. (2021). Community-level impacts of sanitation coverage on maternal and neonatal health: a retrospective cohort of survey dataBMJ global health6(10), e005674.

  • NFL former player long-term health & mortality

Walia, B., Kmush, B. L., Ehrlich, J., Mackowski, M., & Sanders, S. (2021). Age at League Entry and Early All-Cause Mortality among National Football League PlayersInternational journal of environmental research and public health18(24), 13356.

Kmush, B. L., Mackowski, M., Ehrlich, J., Walia, B., Owora, A., & Sanders, S. (2020). Association of professional football cumulative head impact index scores with all-cause mortality among National Football League playersJAMA network open3(5), e204442-e204442



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Location: 430B Barclay

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