Bhavneet Walia

Assistant Professor, Public Health

Faculty Affiliate, Aging Studies Institute

Curriculum Vitae


Bhavneet Walia is an Assistant Professor of Public Health in Falk College at Syracuse University and a Faculty Affiliate in the Syracuse University Aging Studies Institute. In her research, Dr. Walia uses econometric modeling to understand issues of mortality, mental wellness, and physical wellness among populations that feature unique and, in some respects, elevated risk exposures (e.g., refugee populations, agricultural migrant workers, and contact sport participants).  Her chief areas of research include health and labor econometrics.

Dr. Walia’s current research focuses upon the mental and physical wellness effects of community gardening programs for refugees, the economic and social effects of the H-2A Work Visa program (for agricultural laborers), and the mortality risk factors associated with participation in contact sports. Dr. Walia teaches undergraduate and graduate Public Health courses in the area of health data analysis.  Her research work has appeared in leading field journals, including Economics Letters (2), Journal of Public Economic Theory, American Journal of Economics & Sociology, Journal of Economic Education, Journal of Sports Economics, and Southern Economic Journal. Her work has been cited in national media outlets, including Pacific Standard Magazine and Dr. Walia currently serves as Editor of the Journal of Development Innovations and Associate Editor of the Academy of Economics & Finance Journal.


Phone: (315) 443-3930

Location: White Hall, Suite 344

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