CAPS Annual Conference: Courtney Boen

Date(s) - Nov 05, 2021
10:30 am - 3:30 pm


CAPS Annual Fall Conference

The conference will begin with a keynote and Q&A with CAPS 2021 Visiting Scholar, followed by short presentations from CAPS affiliates, students, and postdocs. CAPS Annual Conference 2021 Agenda

The 2021 CAPS Visiting Scholar is Courtney Boen, Assistant Professor and Axilrod Faculty Fellow, Department of Sociology, University of Pennsylvania 

Title: The Scars of Legal Violence: Immigration Policy, Surveillance, and Enforcement and Population Health Inequality

Abstract: Over the past several decades, a surge of state and federal immigration policies in the United States has restricted immigrant access to public services and benefits, increased rates of immigrant detention and deportation, and contributed to heightened levels of xenophobic and racial hostility. In this talk, I argue that these forms of legal violence can have harmful bodily manifestations—resulting in physical and physiological “scars” that generate inequalities in population health and aging. Merging a variety of longitudinal survey, administrative, and policy data and employing an array of analytic techniques, this research examines how county-level immigration surveillance and enforcement and state-level immigration policy pattern individual health across mid- to late-life and contribute to racialized and legal status inequities in health and physiological functioning across historical time and geographic space. Taken together, findings from this study provide new knowledge of how immigration policy and enforcement are simultaneously racial and xenophobic projects that shape population health and aging, with important implications for future patterns of longevity.

This conference is funded by the National Institute on Aging (NIA) P30 Demography and Economics of Aging Centers program, with co-sponsorship from the Cornell Population Center.