ASI News – Spring 2023


Disability Health Equity Network (DHERN) Summer Flash Talk
– Dr. Alan Martino, Eleni Moumos, and Dr. Erin Brennand (University of Calgary) – The Experiences and Priorities of Women Labelled/With Developmental and Intellectual Disabilities Regarding Sexual Health and Pregnancy
– Jan Wozniak (Toronto Metropolitan University) – Autism, social anxiety, and stress: Recommendations from autistic adults on improving research, practice, and public awareness
– Ashely Scott and Salina Tewolde (Boston University) – Medicaid enrollment, service use, and racial disparity among with Down syndrome, 2011-2019 – 6/2023

Disability Health Equity Network (DHERN) Summer Flash Talks
– Mackenzie Jones (Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services, Montana Disability and Health Program) – COVID-19, Disability, and the International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health: A Systematic Review of Early-State Pandemic Response
– Dr. Stephanie Van (Johns Hopkins University) – Healthcare Inequalities Impacting Patients with Disabilities: A Case Report
– Nastassia Vaitsiakhovich (Syracuse University) – Health Disparities among US Adults with Intellectual Disability: Findings from the NHIS, 1997 to 2018 – 5/2023

Symposium: New Frontiers in Family Research on Religion and Spirituality – The Longitudinal Study of Generations has been studying the members of more than 350 families since 1970. The latest wave of study has reached the fifth generation of participants for the first time. At this symposium, the study co-leaders, Merril Silverstein (Syracuse University) and Joseph Blankholm (UCSB), will present their preliminary findings and their plans for future research. – 5/2023

HDFS Graduate Student Colloquium presents Seonhwa Lee, Ph.D., discussing, “Long-term impact of family stress on health for mid-aged adults; Family transmission process of religiosity and family life.” – 4/2023

InRoads Meet the Expert Seminar Series: Karl Herrup, Ph.D. , from the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine will be discussing, “Alzheimer’s Disease 2023: Data and Diatribes.” – 4/2023

CAPS Seminar: Rachel Margolis, Associate Professor of Sociology, “Life Events, Loneliness Trajectories, and Loneliness Transitions Among Middle-Aged and Older Adults Around the World.” – 4/2023

DHERN Seminar: Yona Lunsky is the Director of the Azrieli Adult Neurodevelopmental Centre and the Health Care Access Research and Developmental Disabilities Program (H-CARDD) at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health in Toronto, Canada. She is also a Professor in the Department of Psychiatry at the Temerty Faculty of Medicine at University of Toronto and an adjunct scientists at ICES. Lunsky will be presenting, “All teach, all learn”: Lessons learned about mental health and developmental disabilities during the pandemic. – 3/2023

DESIGN.INCLUSIVE- Patricia Moore is one of the most notable American industrial designers in history, a fellow on the Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA), and one of the 40 most socially conscious designers in the world. This event is co-sponsored by the School of Design and ASI. – 3/2023

IDD-Transform Virtual Forum – Scott Landes will be taking part in the Stanford Biomedical Ethics IDD-Transform Virtual Forum. He will be presenting on the topic, COVID-19 outcomes among people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. – 2/2023

CAPS Seminar: Norma Coe, Associate Professor, Medical Ethics and Health Policy, “Does it matter who provides care? Home-Based Care and Health Outcomes.” – 2/2023

Falk Faculty First Flash Talks: Catherine Garcia will be taking part in the Falk Faculty First Flash Talks. The goal of the series is to provide new(ish!) faculty an opportunity to share their scholarly interests with colleagues, thereby creating opportunities to build community and connections. Each presenter will share their most interesting, impactful, or surprising findings to date, and what they perceive as significant or exciting next steps. – 2/2023

CAPS Methodology Workshop – Data Visualization with Stata: Want to learn how to create stunning graphics in Stata? You are invited to attend this free workshop. The workshop will be taught by Trenton Mize, Associate Professor of Sociology and Director of the Kernan Experimental Social Science Lab at Purdue University. – 2/2023

DHERN Seminar: Presentations by the 2022 DHERN Paper Award Winners
Undergraduate paper – Sabrina Epstein, BA
“New obstacles and widening gaps: A qualitative study of the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on U.S. adults with disabilities”
Published in the Disability and Health Journal
Graduate paper – Laurin Bixby, MA
“The Links Between Disability, Incarceration, And Social Exclusion”
Published in Health Affairs
Postdoctoral researcher paper – Hussaini Zandam, PhD
“Infectious Diseases-Related Emergency Department Visits Among Non-Elderly Adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities in the United States: Results from the National Emergency Department Sample, 2016”
Published in Population Health Management – 1/2023

CAPS/CPR Seminar: Atheendar Venkataramani, MD, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Medical Ethics and Health Policy, University of Pennsylvania, “State Sentencing Policies and Racial Disparities In Birth Outcomes.” – 1/2023


In recognition of exceptional scholarship and innovative academic and professional activities, Madonna Harrington Meyer has been reappointed to a four-year term as a University Professor, one of the highest honors the University bestows on faculty members. Learn more here. 5/2023

Janet Wilmoth received the 2023 Mentoring Award  from the American Sociological Association’s Section on Aging and Life Course. The award “recognizes SALC members who have distinguished themselves as mentors in the field of aging and the life course.” Janet will be officially recognized at the 2023 ASA conference in Philadelphia. – 5/2023

ASI faculty, staff and affiliates recognized at the One University Awards, which is a daylong celebration of excellence by members of the Syracuse University community in academic, scholarship, creative work and dedicated service.
Andrew London and Janet Wilmoth were recognized for 20 years of service.
– Madonna Harrington Meyer was recognized for 25 years of service.
Karen Tavernese was recognized for 30 years of service.
– Doug Wolf was recognized for his retirement and becoming an Emeritus Faculty.
– Shannon Monnat received a Chancellor’s Citation award for Faculty Excellence and Scholarly Distinction. – 4/2023

Congratulations to Merril Silverstein, who has received the Syracuse University 2023 Excellence in Graduate Education Faculty Recognition Award! – 3/2023

Grant Awards

Congratulations to Yaejin Moon (“Understanding Biomechanics of Real-Life Fall of Older People Using Human Pose Detection Algorithms”) and Senem Velipasalar (“A Smart Wearable Assistance and Monitoring System for People with Dementia”) on receiving an ASI Summer Project Assistantship to support their respective projects.  – 4/2023

Gary Engelhardt (Principle Investigator), “Examining The Role of Past Incarceration On Later-Life Work, Disability, and DI Applications And Receipt”. Social Security Administration/Retirement and Disability Research Consortium/Center for Retirement Research at Boston College. – 1/2023


Wencheng Zhang and Merril Silverstein in The Journals of Gerontology: Series BDoes the Economic Status of Adult Children Influence Self-Rated Health Among Older Adults in China? – 6/2023

Maria T. Brown, Sharon A. Brangman, and Nancy H. Smith in Journal of Applied GerontologyEarly Identification of Cognitive Impairment: Utility of the Mini-Cog in Non-Clinical Settings – 6/2023

Jennifer Karas Montez, Kent Jason G. Cheng, and Jacob M. Grumbach – Lerner/CAPS Population Health Research Brief SeriesDemocratic Erosion Predicts Rising Deaths from Drug Poisoning and Infectious Disease – 6/2023

Colleen Heflin, Chinedum O. Ojinnaka, Irma A. Arteaga, Leslie Hodges, and Gabriella Alphonso – Lerner/CAPS Population Health Research Brief Series Medicaid-Insured Older Adults on SNAP May Have Stronger Medication Adherence – 4/2023

Jun Li and Meher Chahal – Lerner/CAPS Population Health Research Brief Series Financial Rewards Tied to Quality Measures Lead Home Health Agencies to Exaggerate Their Improvements -4/2023

Shannon M. Monnat in The ANNALS of the American Academy of Political and Social ScienceDemographic and Geographic Variation in Fatal Drug Overdoses in the United States – 3/2023

Colleen Heflin and Xiaohan Sun in The ANNALS of the American Academy of Political and Social Science Food Insecurity and the Opioid Crisis – 3/2023

Catherine Garcia, Marc A. Garcia, Mary McEniry, and Michael Crowe in Frontiers in Public Health: Life-Course Epidemiology and Social Inequalities in HealthThe Neighborhood Context and All-Cause Mortality among Older Adults in Puerto Rico – 3/2023

Robert Dinerstein, Deborah Enix-Ross, Nina Kohn, and Ellie Lanier in Bloomberg Law – Modern Laws and Out-of-Court Solutions Can Advance Guardianship – 3/2023

Micah W. Rothbart, Colleen Heflin, and Gabriella Alphonso – Lerner Center/CAPS Population Health Research Brief SeriesChildren in Economically Disadvantaged Households Have Lower Early Literacy Skills than their Higher-Income Peers – 3/2023

Nina Kohn and Irina D. Manta in Harvard’s Bill of Health Blog – Hospitals That Ditch Masks Risk Exposure – 2/2023

Scott D. Landes Lerner Center/CAPS Population Health Research Brief Series CDC Guidelines Hide the Alzheimer Disease Mortality Burden among Adults with Down Syndrome – 2/2023

Xue Zhang and Mildred E. Warner in International Journal of Environmental Research and Public HealthLinking Urban Planning, Community Environment, and Physical Activity: A Socio-Ecological Approach – 2/2023

Yue Sun and Erin M. Bisesti in Socius: Sociological Research for a Dynamic World Political Economy of the COVID-19 Pandemic: How State Policies Shape County-Level Disparities in COVID-19 Deaths – 2/2023

Kevin S. Heffernan, Lee Stoner, Andrew S. London, Jacqueline A. Augustine, and Wesley K. Lefferts in PLOS ONE Estimated pulse wave velocity as a measure of vascular aging – 2/2023

Edward C. Norton, Emily J. Lawton, and Jun Li in American Journal of Health EconomicsMoneyball in Medicare: Heterogeneous Treatment Effects – 2/2023

Chinedum O. Ojinnaka, Irma Arteaga, Leslie Hodges, and Colleen Heflin in Journal of General Internal Medicine – Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Participation and Medication Adherence Among Medicaid-Insured Older Adults Living with Hypertension – 2/2023

Michah W. Rothbart and Colleen Heflin in Children and Youth Services ReviewInequality in literacy skills at kindergarten entry at the intersections of social programs and race – 1/2023

Scott D. Landes, Janet M. Wilmoth, Andrew S. London, and Ann T. Landes in Armed Forces & Society Risk Factors Explaining Military Deaths from Suicide, 2008-2017: A Latent Class Analysis – 1/2023

Nandini Jhawar, Ashley Schiros, Andrew S. London, and Kevin M. Antshel – Lerner Center/CAPS Population Health Research Brief SeriesHow Did COVID-19 School Closures Affect Adolescents with ADHD – 1/2023

Colleen Heflin and Gabriella Alphonso – Lerner Center/CAPS Population Health Research Brief SeriesFood Insecurity is a Common Problem for Military Service Members and their Families – 1/2023

In the News

Madonna Harrington Meyer was quoted in the Washington Post’s and Bloomberg’s article, Grandparents Can’t Solve America’s Child-Care Crisis. – 6/2023

Population Reference Bureau features work by Jennifer Karas Montez, Shannon Monnat, and colleagues on how US state policies shape health and longevity. Click here to see the interactive website that PRB created. It shows which state policies are tied to longer lives and fewer deaths from overdoses, alcohol, and suicide. – 5/2023

Colleen Heflin was quoted in the Medical News Today article, “Faster cognitive decline linked with food insufficiency in new study.” – 3/2023

Colleen Heflin was quoted in the New York Times article, “Food Prices Weigh on Seniors’ Savings, Health and Even Social Ties.” – 2/2023

Colleen Heflin was a guest on The Spouse Angle podcast and she talked about food insecurity among military families. Check out the podcast here. – 2/2023

Jennifer Karas Montez was quoted in a Washington Post story, “Can politics kill you? Research says the answer is increasingly yes,” which mentioned research by Jennifer and Shannon Monnat. – 1/2023

Ph.D. student Xiaoyu Fu was the focus of the Falk article, “Learning ‘New and Exciting Things'”. The article sheds light on Fu presenting her research at the Gerontological Society of America Conference. – 1/2023


Robert Wood Johnson Foundation RELevent2 Conference – Doug Wolf presented work on the mortality consequences of state-level preemption laws, coauthored with Jennifer Karas Montez and Shannon Monnat. – 2/2023