ASI News – Spring 2022


Disability Health Inequities Research Network (DHERN) Seminar – Dr. Anjali Forber-Pratt, Ph.D., Director of the National Institute on Disability, Independent Living, and Rehabilitation Research (NIDILRR), Administration for Community Living (ACL), “Disability Research Representation”. – 7/2022

Co-Sponsored Methodology Workshop: Scott Cunningham, Professor of Economics at Baylor University will give a workshop discussing the Three Methods for Casual Inference: Regression Discontinuity Designs (RDD), Difference-in-Difference (DiD), and Instrumental Variables (IV). – 4/2022

Disability Health Inequities Research Network (DHERN) Seminar – Lisa Iezzoni, MD, MSc, Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School, “Survey of Outpatient Physicians in U.S. about Caring for Patients with Disability.” – 4/2022

CAPS Seminar: David Rehkopf, Associate Professor of Epidemiology & Population Health, Stanford University, “Learning from the Implementation of New Deal Work Programs: Lessons for Advancing Health Equity.” – 3/2022

ASI Seminar: Laura Baker, Associate Professor of Gerontology and Geriatric Medicine, Wake Forest School of Medicine, “Multidomain Lifestyle Interventions to Prevent Cognitive Decline and Dementia.” – 3/2022

CAPS Seminar: Fabian Pfeffer, Associate Professor of Sociology, University of Michigan, “Wealth Inequality and Children.” – 3/2022

AHN Cluster: Faculty Flash Talks
Join us to meet new Aging, Health, and Neuroscience (AHN) Cluster Faculty Affiliates.
-Jun Li – US health care policies and their effects on aging Americans
– Catherine Garcia – Raices de Salud: The Social Determinants of Health among Older Latina/o/xs in the U.S.
– Marc Garcia – Aging and Cognition among Older Latinos in the United States – 2/2022

CAPS Methodology Workshop with Scott Cunningham – Difference-in-Differences Workshop –  The most common quasi-experimental method in the quantitative social sciences is the difference-in-differences research design. This methodology has undergone substantial updates over the last few years as econometricians and statisticians have begun investigating  the historical use of panel fixed effects estimators more closely as well as devising alternative models to perform best under heterogenous treatment effects and heterogenous policy adoption. This 1-day workshop will cover the most important new theoretical papers with an aim toward intuition and implementation. – 2/2022

CAPS Seminar – Jason Fletcher, Professor of Public Affairs and Sociology, University of Wisconsin-Madison, “Understanding Geographic Disparity in Mortality.” – 2/2022

Grant Awards

Ellyn A. Riley, Ph.D., CCC-SLP (Associate Professor, Communication Sciences & Disorders) was awarded a Barbara Martin Aphasia Research Grant from the National Aphasia Association and the Academy of Aphasia. Title of Project: Development and Validation of Aphasia-Optimized Tools to Identify Post-Stroke Fatigue and Sleepiness. -7/2022

Congratulations to Maria Brown and Miriam Mutambudzi for receiving a grant from the USC/UCLA Center on Biodemography and Population Health for the project, “Childhood Adversity and Cognitive Trajectories in Later Life: The Influence of Race and Everyday Discrimination.” – 4/2022

Shannon Monnat is the PI on a grant funded by the University of Michigan’s NIH-funded Social, Behavioral, and Economic COVID Coordinating Center (SBE CCC). The project “Enhancing the Utility of the National Wellbeing Survey to Understand Rural-Urban Differences in the Impacts of COVID-19 on Adult Psychological Wellbeing and Substance Use” will enable the research team to oversample rural residents in the 2022 wave of the National Wellbeing Survey, which was disseminated in 2021. Co-investigators include Jennifer Karas Montez (SU), Doug Wolf (SU), Emily Wiemers (SU), and David Wheeler (Virginia Commonwealth University). – 3/2022


Congratulations to Marc A. Garcia, who has been elected as a Council Member to the ASA Section on Aging and the Life Course. – 6/2022

Congratulations to Ph.D. student Rachel Jarrold-Grapes for successfully completing her degree in Economics. Rachel was an undergraduate  at Centre College and has spent much of the last three years as a graduate research assistant to Gary Engelhardt, working on a variety of topics involving the economics of aging. She wrote a very-creative, topically diverse dissertation on the impact of changes in teacher pension policy on teach retention and student outcomes in North Carolina, as well as the impact of recreational marijuana legalization in Oregon and Washington State on high school educational attainment and behavior outcomes. Rachel will take the formidable set of skills she developed while working in ASI to a job as an Economist in the Antitrust Division of the Federal Trade Commission in Washington D.C. – 5/2022

Congratulations to Karen Cimilluca, ASI Assistant Director, on 30 years of service to Syracuse University and the Maxwell School. – 4/2022

Congratulations to Shannon Monnat for receiving the 2022 Excellence in Graduate Education Faculty Recognition Award. Shannon was also elected Vice President of the Rural Sociological Society (RSS). – 4/2022

Congratulations to Kent Cheng, his work received honorable mention for the Graduate Dean’s Award for Excellence in Research and Creative Work. -3/2022

Shannon Monnat was appointed to the Population Association of American Committee on Population Statistics (COPS). COPS is a prestigious group of PAA members, appointed by the PAA President, who examine technical issues and activities important to Federal statistical agencies and advise the PAA leadership on these issues. – 2/2022


Hyojeong Kim, Colleen Heflin, and Taryn Morrissey – Lerner Center/CAPS Population Research Brief SeriesExpansions in the U.S. Child Care and Development Block Grant Improved Stability – 8/2022

Yue Sun, Danielle C. Rhubart in Journal of Applied GerontologyRural-Urban Differences in the Associations Between Aging and Disability Services and COVID-19 Vaccination Rates Among Older Adults – 8/2022

Congratulations to Scott Landes and his collaborators on authoring the first and second most-cited articles in Disability and Health Journal for 2021.
1. Margaret A. Turk, Scott D. Landes, Margaret K. Formica, and Katherine D. Goss in Disability and Health JournalIntellectual and developmental disability and COVID-19 case-fatality trends: TriNetX analysis
2. Scott D. Landes, Margaret A. Turk, Margaret K. Formica, Katherine E. McDonald, and J Dalton Stevens in Disability and Health JournalCOVID-19 outcomes among people with intellectual and developmental disability living in residential group homes in New York State – 8/2022

Shane Sanders, Nuwan Indika Millagaha Gedara, Bhavneet Walia, Christopher Boudreaux, and Merril Silverstein in Journal of Data ScienceDoes Aging Make Us Grittier? Disentangling the Age and Generation Effect on Passion and Perseverance – 8/2022

Merril Silverstein and Ying Xu Ma in Public Policy & Aging ReportOlder Grandparents Caring for Grandchildren in Rural China: Cohort Change in Resources and Deficits Across 17 years – 8/2022

Doug Wolf in Economics & Human BiologyA comment on “Treatment design, health outcomes, and demographic categories in the literature on minimum wages and health.” –  8/2022

Michael D. Carr and Emily E. Wiemers in Labour EconomicsThe Decline in long-term earnings mobility in the U.S.: Evidence from survey-linked administrative data – 7/2022

Colleen Heflin and Taryn Morrissey in Race and Social ProblemsPatterns of Earnings and Employment by Worker Sex, Race, and Ethnicity Using State Administrative Data: Results from a Sample of Workers Connected to Public Assistance Programs – 7/2022

Yue Sun, Kent Jason G. Cheng, and Shannon M. Monnat in Journal of Rural Social SciencesRural-Urban and Within-Rural Variation in COVID-19 Mortality Rates – 7/2022

Kelsey Roberts, Janet Wilmoth, and Shannon M. Monnat – Lerner Center/CAPS Population Health Research SeriesResilience is Low among Both Military and Non-Military Populations with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder – 6/2022

Nader Mehri and Jennifer Karas Montez – Lerner Center/CAPS Population Health Research Brief SeriesThe Chances of Dying Young Differ Dramatically Across U.S. States – 6/2022

Colleen Heflin, Leslie Hodeges, Irma Arteaga, Chinedum O. Ojinnaka in Applied Economics Perspectives and PolicyChurn in the older adult SNAP population – 6/2022

Mellie Torres, R. Anna Hayward, Gabriella Meltzer, Catherine Garcia, Tatiana E. Bustos, and Alejandro Silva Diaz in Natural Hazards Center Quick Response Grant Report Series¡Estamos Bien, Puerto Rico! Young Adults and the Impacts of Compounding Disasters – 6/2022

Claire Pendergrast and Shannon M. Monnat in Disability and Health JournalPerceived Impacts of COVID-19 on Wellbeing among U.S. Working-Age Adults with ADL Difficulty – 6/2022

Red Thaddeus D. Miguel, Adovich S. Rivera, Kent Jason Cheng, Kem Rand, Fredrick Dermawan Purba, Nan Luo, Ma-Ann Zarsuelo, Annne Julienne Genuino-Marfori, Irene Florentino-Farinas, Anna Melissa Guerrero, and Hilton Y Lam in Quality of Life ResearchEstimating the EQ-5S-5L value set for the Philippines – 6/2022

Blakelee R. Kemp, Jacob M. Grumbach, and Jennifer Karas Montez – Lerner Center/CAPS Population Health Research Brief SeriesCivil Rights, Firearm Safety, and Environmental Protection Policies Predict Better Health among U.S. Midlife Adults – 6/2022

Madonna Harrington Meyer – Lerner Center/CAPS Population Research Brief SeriesNine Ways Grandparenting is Changing with the COVID-19 Pandemic – 6/2022

Marc A. Garcia and Rogelio Saenz – Lerner Center/CAPS Population Health Research Brief SeriesCOVID-19 Has Reduced the Latino Mortality Advantage among Older Adults – 5/2022

Alejandro Colon-Lopez and Catherine Garcia in Journal of Aging and Health20th Century Puerto Rico and Later-Life Health: The Association Between Multigenerational Education and Chronic Conditions in Island-Dwelling Older Adults – 5/2022

Blakelee R. Kemp, Jacob M. Grumbach, Jennifer Karas Montez in Socius: Sociological Research for a Dynamic WorldU.S. State Policy Contexts and Physical Health among Midlife Adults – 5/2022

Lauren L. Brown, Catherine Garcia, Alexis N. Reeves, John R. Pamplin, and Uchechi A. Mitchell in Journal of Aging and HealthStress is a Latent Construct: Exploring the Differential Experience of Stress and Discrimination on Depressive Symptoms Among Black Older Adults – 4/2022

Andrew S. London and Scott D. Landes in Biodemography and Social BiologyAttention deficit hyperactivity disorder and the age pattern of adult mortality – 4/2022

Rogelio Saenz and Marc A. Garcia – Lerner Center/ CAPS Population Health Research Brief SeriesWhite COVID-19 Deaths Increased More in Red States Than in Blue States in 2021 – 4/2022

Danielle C. Rhubart, Yue Sun, Claire Pendegrast, and Shannon M. Monnat in Socius: Sociological Research for a Dynamic WorldSociospatial Disparities in “Third Place” Availability in the United States – 4/2022

Woosang Hwang, Jeung Hyun Kim, Maria T. Brown, and Merril Silverstein in Journal of Marriage and Family – Do religious transitions from early to established adulthood predict filial elder-care norms? – 4/2022

Scott Landes published an op-ed with Health Affairs: “A Call to Eliminate Postmortem Diagnostic Overshadowing for People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities.” – 4/2022

Colleen Heflin and Hannah Patnaik in Journal of Family and Economic IssuesMaterial Hardship and the Living Arrangements of Older Adults – 4/2022

Edward C. Norton, Jun Li, Anup Das, Andrew M. Ryan, and Lena M. Chen in Society for Medical Decision MakingMedicare’s Hospital Value-Based Purchasing Program Values Quality over QALYs – 4/2022

Scott D. Landes, J. Dalton Stevens, and Margaret A. Tuck in Journal of Health and Social BehaviorPostmortem Diagnostic Overshadowing: Reporting Cerebral Palsy on Death Certificates – 3/2022

Shannon M, Monnat and Irma T. Elo in Forum for Health Economics & PolicyEnhancing the Utility of the Health and Retirement Study (HRS) to Identify Drivers of Rising Mortality Rates in the United States – 3/2022

Rogelio Saenz, Marc A. Garcia, and Claire Pendergrast – Lerner Center/CAPS Population Health Research Brief SeriesCOVID-19 Deaths Soared among U.S. Whites in 2020 – 3/2022

Marco Albertini, Aviad Tur-Sinai, Noah Lewin-Epstein, and Merril Silverstein in European Journal of Population – The Older Sandwich Generation Across European Welfare Regimes: Demographic and Social Considerations – 3/2022

Shelley Clark, Elizabeth M. Lawrence, and Shannon M. Monnat in Journal of Rural Social SciencesSupport from Adult Children and Parental Health in Rural America – 2/2022

Scott D. Landes, Margaret A. Turk, and Julia M. Finan in Journal of Intellectual Disability ResearchFactors Associated with the Reporting of Down Syndrome aa the Underlying Cause of Death on US Death Certificates – 2/2022

Claire Pendergrast and Danielle Rhubart – Lerner Center/CAPS Population Health Research Brief SeriesAging and Disability Services are Unequally Distributed Across the United States – 2/2022

Scott D. Landes, Janet M. Wilmoth, Katherine E. McDonald and Alyssa N. Smith in Preventive MedicineRacial-Ethnic Inequalities in Age at Death among Adults with/without intellectual and Developmental Disability in the United States – 2/2022

Danielle Rhubart and Shannon M. Monnat in Morbidity and Mortality Weekly ReportSelf-Rated Physical Health among Working-Aged Adults Along the Rural-Urban Continuum – United States, 2021 – 2/2022

Shannon M. Monnat in ANNALS of the American Academy of Political and Social ScienceRural-Urban Variation in COVID-19 Experiences and Impacts among U.S. Working-Age Adults – 2/2022

Catherine Garcia, Marc A. Garcia, and Jennifer A. Ailshire in The Journals of Gerontology: Series B (Advanced Article)Demographic and Health Characteristics of Older Latino Birth Cohorts in the Health and Retirement Study – 2/2022

Athena Koumoutzis and Nader Mehri in Journal of Aging and HealthThe Impact of Caregiving Intensity and Religiosity on Spousal Caregivers’ Health and Mortality in the US (2004-2014) – 2/2022

Elizabeth A. Asiago-Reddy, John McPeak, Riccardo Scarpa, Amy Braksmajer, Nicola Ruszkowski, James McMahon, and Andrew S. London in PLoS ONEPerceived access to PrEP as a critical step in engagement: A qualitative analysis and discrete choice experiment among young men who have sex with men – 2/2022

Andrew S. London in The Social Science of Same Sex Marriage: LGBT People and Their Relationships in the Era of Marriage EqualityMarital Status among Transgender Individuals in the U.S. – 2/2022

Andrew S. London, Carrie Elliot, Rebecca Wang, Tre Wentling, and Natalee Simpson in The Social Science of Same-Sex Marriage: LGBT People and Their Relationships in the Era of Marriage EqualityGender Transition and Same-Sex Marriage: A Qualitative Consideration -2/2022

Andrew S. London in SSM-Population HealthDepression and Mental Health Service Use among 12 – 17 Year Old U.S. Adolescents: Associations with Current Parental and Sibling Military Service – 2/2022

Claire Pendergrast, Marc A. Garcia, and Catherine Garcia – Lerner Center/CAPS Population Health Research Brief SeriesLatinos Report Higher Rates of Cognitive Impairment than U.S. – Born Whites, But Rates Vary Between Latino Subgroups – 2/2022

In the News 

Marc A. Garcia Lerner Center/CAPS Brief was highlighted by NBC News – COVID-19 narrows long-standing Latino mortality advantage, study finds – 5/2022

Emily Wiemers talked to the New York Times about wealth created by the Pandemic housing market – “The Extraordinary Wealth Created by the Pandemic Housing Market” – 5/2022

Merril Silverstein was quoted in the New York Times Article – The Nuclear Family is No Longer the Norm. Good. – 4/2022

Gary Engelhardt spoke to the Washington Post about the impact of inflation on retirees – “Fewer hot showers, less meat: How retirees on fixed incomes are dealing with inflation.” – 3/2022

Shannon Monnat’s research was highlighted in the New York Times article, “There’s a reason Trump loves the truckers.” -2/2022

Scott Landes was quoted and his research highlighted in a recent article on vaccine hesitancy among care workers in the Atlantic –  – 2/2022