ASI News – Spring 2021


CAPS co-sponsored methodology workshop – Karen Fingerman, Kira Birdtt, Kate Cagney, Elizabeth Munoz, and Mathia Mehl, “Methodologies of Ambulatory Assessment” – 4/2021

The Population Association of America presents Living, Working, Dying: Demographic Insights into COVID-19 featuring Marc Garcia – 4/2021

CAPS co-sponsored methodology workshop – Chris Hess, “Scraping web data for Social Science” – 3/2021

CAPS Seminar – Lena Dahlberg, “Loneliness in Older Adults – Research Evidence and Future Directions” – 3/2021

CAPS co-sponsored methodology workshop – David Wheeler, “Estimating neighborhood deprivation indices with Bayesian regression models” 3/2021

CAPS co-sponsored methodology workshop – Jennie Brand, UCLA – “Uncovering Sociological Effect Heterogeneity using Machine-Learning” – 3/2021

CAPS Seminar – Michal Engelman, University of Wisconsin – “Deaths, Disparities, and Cumulative (Dis)Advantage: How Social Inequalities Shape and Impairment Paradox in Later Life.”  – 3/2021

Book Release: Handbook of Aging and the Social Sciences – Celebrate the 2021 publication of the Handbook’s 9th edition. The authors will share the latest findings in aging research, and discuss future directions for research, policy and practice. Contributing chapters by ASI associates include:

  • Jennifer Karas Montez and Jennifer D. Brooks – “Educational Attainment and Adult Health”
  • Emily E. Wiemers and Sung S. Park – “Intergenerational Transfers of Time and Money over the Life Course”
  • Janet Wilmoth and Andrew London – “The Role of the Military in Women’s Lives” – 2/2021

CAPS Seminar: Debra Umberson, University of Texas at Austin, “Death of a Child: Race, Risk, and Parents’ Health.” – 2/2021

Grant Awards

Drs. Luvenia Cowart and Maria Brown have been awarded a one-year $25,000 grant from the Prevent Cancer Foundation for the “Empowering Black Pastors to Amplify Colorectal Cancer Prevention Messages in Underserved Communities” project, which will run from August 2, 2021 to August 1, 2022. – 8/2021

Jennifer Karas Montez, Julene Cooney, Zeyd Koytak, and coauthors received an Honorable Mention for the 2021 Distinquished Contribution to Scholarship in Population Award (from the ASA Population Section) for their paper, “US state policies, and life expectancy.” The Milibank Quarterly 98, no. 3 (2020): 668-699. – 7/2021

Shannon Monnat received the 2020-21 Excellence in Research Award is to recognize an RSS member who has made outstanding contributions to rural-oriented research and/or theory. – 7/2021

Shannon Monnat coauthored paper, “The Opioid Hydra: Understanding Overdose Mortality Epidemics and Syndemics Across the Rural-Urban Continuum” (published in Rural Sociology) won the 2021 Fred Buttel Outstanding Scholarly Achievement Award from the Rural Sociological Society. The purpose of the Fred Buttel Outstanding Scholarly Achievement Award is to recognize outstanding scholarship in the form of a book or article that advances the field of rural sociological knowledge. – 7/2021

Congratulations to Jeffrey Zemla, who has received an ASI 2021 Summary Project Graduate Assistantship award to support his project entitled, “Explanatory reasoning in older adults.” – 5/2021

Congratulations to the following ASI associates, who received NIA supplemental grants through the Center for Aging and Policy Studies, directed by Jennifer Karas Montez, which received a $220.000 grant to support research on Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Dementias.
– Emily Wiemers (with Joseph Hotz, Duke University), “Consequences of Cognitive Limitation of Dementia Onset in Late Middle Age for Consumption Well-Being.”
– Kevin Heffernan, Janet Wilmoth, and Andrew London, “Estimated Arterial Stiffness as a Predictor of Cognitive Decline and Dementia in Middle-Aged and Older Adults: Findings from the HRS.”
– Scott Landes, “Comparing Alzheimer’s Related Mortality Among People with and without Down Syndrome.” – 4/2021

Jennifer Karas Montez received a $400,000 grant from NIA to support ADRD research among scholars in the NIA-funded Network on Life Course Health Dynamics & Disparities. -ASI affiliates Montez (MPI) and Monnat (Co-I) direct the network, along with scholars from UNC-Chapel, USC and University of Michigan – 4/2021

Congratulations to ASI faculty associate Jun Li, she was awarded the AOTF Health Services Research Grant from The American Occupational Therapy Foundation (AOTF), for her work Acute Occupational Therapy Spending in the National Comprehensive Care for Joint Replacement Program. – 3/2021


Congratulations to ASI Assistant Director Karen Cimilluca, she was awarded the Inaugural Maxwell StAR Committee Award for Exceptional Service. -8/2021

Asif Salekin, Senem Velipasalar and their team won the IAAI-21 Deployed Application Award at the Thirty-Third Annual Conference on Innovative Applications of Artificial Intelligence. They received this award for creating a research project using machine learning as a way to detect the very early symptoms of Alzheimer’s years before those symptoms are noticeable. – 8/2021

Joonsik Yoon, PhD Candidate in Social Science, is a co-convener of the Gerontological Society of America’s Qualitative Research Interest Group. – 5/2021

Congratulations to Swapnali Chavan, who won the graduate student paper award at the New York State Sociological Association for the paper, “Older Women and Discrimination at Work.” 

ASI faculty associate Jun Li received an honorable mention for the 2021 John Heinz Dissertation Award from the National Academy of Social Insurance. Her dissertation examined quality and payment incentives related to home health care in the US. – 4/2021


The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine (NASEM) has published its report Reducing the Impact of Dementia in America: A Decadal Survey of the Behavioral and Social Sciences. The report develops a research agenda for the next decade in the behavioral and social sciences for Alzheimer’s disease (AD) and Alzheimer’s disease-related dementias (ADRD). Drawing on extensive input from the scientific community and other stakeholders, the committee authoring the report assessed the role of the social and behavioral sciences (including data sources and other resources). For additional information, contact study director Molly Checksfield Dorries at – 8/2021

Colleen Heflin, Chinedum O. Ojinnaka, Irma Arteaga, and Lauryn Quick – Population Health Brief Series – Proper Medication Adherence is a Challenge for Older SNAP Participants with Chronic Health Conditions – 8/2021

Erin Bisesti and Claire Pendergrast – Population Health Research Brief Series –  Most States Effectively Enroll Racial-Ethnic Minority Older Adults in Community-Based Aging Services, but Gaps Remain – 7/2021

Xiaoyan Zhang and Merril Silverstein in Journal of Gerontology: Psychological SciencesIntergenerational Emotional Cohesion and Psychological Well-being of Older Adults in Rural China: A Moderated Mediation Model of Loneliness and Friendship Ties – 7/2021

Martina Orlovic, Haider Warraich, Douglas Wolf, and Elias Mossialos in Journal of Pain and Symptom Management – End-of-life planning depends on socio-economic and racial background: Evidence from the US Health and Retirement Study (HRS) – 7/2021

Colleen Heflin, Leslie Hodges, Chinnedum Ojinnaka, and Irma Arteaga in Journal of Applied Gerontology“Hypertension Diabetes and Medication Adherence among the Older Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program Population (SNAP)” – 7/2021

Edward C. Norton, Jun Li, Anup Das, Andrew M. Ryan, and Lena M. Chen in Medical Decision MakingMedicare’s Hospital Value-Based Purchasing Program Values Quality over QALYs – 6/2021

Nina Kohn in The HillIt’s time to care about home care – 6/2021

Scott D. Landes, Margaret A. Turk, Marco R. Damiani, Philip Proctor, and Sarah Baier in JAMA Network Open Risk Factors Associated with COVID-19 Outcomes among People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Receiving Residential Services – 6/2021

Janet M. Wilmoth and Andrew S. London co-edited a new book, “Life-Course Implications of US Public Policies.”- 6/2021

Colleen Heflin – Population Health Brief Series –  Food Insecurity among Military and Veteran Families – 6/2021

Emily E. Wiemers, Scott Abrahams, Marwa AlFakhri, V. Joseph Hotz, Robert F. Schoeni, and Judith A. Seltzer in Research in Social Stratification and Mobility – Disparities in vulnerability to complications from COVID-19 arising from disparities in preexisting conditions in the United States – 6/2021

Eric Kingson has a new co-authored book with Nancy Altman, “Social Security Works for Everyone! Protecting and Expanding the Insurance Americans Love and Count On.” Politics and Prose, and independent bookstore in DC did a live zoom event, which was shown on CSPAN 2 Book TV. To Watch, click here. – 6/2021

Scott D. Landes, Margaret A. Turk, and David A. Ervin in Disability and Health Journal“COVID-19 Case-Fatality Disparities among People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities: Evidence from 12 US Jurisdictions” – 5/2021

Nina Kohn in The Washington Post Sunday Outlook Section – “COVID alerted us to a nursing home crisis. Fixing it will be the hard part” – 5/2021

Scott D. Landes, Andrew S. London, and Janet M. Wilmoth in Armed Forces & Society“Service-Connected Disability and the Veteran Mortality Disadvantage” – 5/2021

Jennifer L. Rogers, Melissa Luke, and Jessie T. Darkis in Journal of Creativity in Mental Health“Meet Me in the Sand: Stories of Self-Expression in Sand Tray Work with Older Adults” – 5/2021

Gary V. Engelhardt, Jonathan Gruber, and Anil Kumar in The Journal of Human Resources“Early Social Security Claiming and Old-Age Poverty: Evidence from the Introduction of the Social Security Early Eligibility Age” – 5/2021

Woosang Hwang, Joonsik Yoon, Maria Brown, and Merril Silverstein in Journal of Religion, Spirituality, and Aging – “Is the relationship between religiosity and filial elder-care norms declining? A comparison between two middle-aged generations – 4/2021

Jennifer Karas Montez in a special issue of ASA Footnotes on health and health care – “The Rise of U.S. States and the Fall of the U.S. Health” – 4/2021

R.S. Gardner, L.A. Newman, E.G. Mohler, T. Tunur, P.E. Gold, and D.L. Korol in Neurobiology of Learning and Memory“Aging is not equal across memory systems” – 4/2021

Robert S. Gardner, Paul E. Gold, and Donna L. Korol in Neurobiology of Learning and Memory“Inactivation of the striatum in aged rats rescues their ability to learn hippocampus-sensitive spatial navigation task” – 4/2021

Nina Kohn in Georgetown Law Review “Nursing Homes, COVID-19, and the Consequences of Regulatory Failure” – 4/2021

Erin Bisesti – Population Health Brief Series“Racial-Ethnic Disparities in Educational Attainment Among Adults with Intellectual Disability” – 4/2021

Robert F. Schoeni, Emily E. Wiemers, and Judith A. Seltzer in JAMA Network OpenAssociation Between Risk Factors for Compilations from COVID-19, Perceived Chances of Infection and Complications, and Protective Behavior in the US – 4/2021

Alexander Chapman, Ashton M. Verdery, and Shannon M. Monnat in Drug and Alcohol Dependence – “Opioid Misuse and Family Structure: Changes and Continuities in the Role of Marriage and Children over Two Decades” – 3/2021

Scott D. Landes, Nader Mehri, and Janet M. Wilmoth – Population Health Research Brief Series – Introducing the Intellectual and Developmental Disability (IDD) Age-at-Death Data Tracker – 3/2021

Kent Jason G. Cheng, Adovich S. Rivera, Red Thaddeus D.P. Miguel, and Hilton Y. Lam in Quality of Life Research –  A cross-sectional study on the determinants of health-related quality of life in the Philippines using EQ-5D-5L – 3/2021

Maria Brown and Miriam Mutambudzi in The Journals of Gerontology: Series B – Risk of Nursing Home Use Among Older Americans: The Impact of Psychiatric History and Trajectories of Cognitive Function -3/2021

Erin Bisesti and Scott D. Landes – Population Health Research Brief Series – More Uncertainty Leads to Less Accuracy on Death Certificates for Adults with intellectual Disability – 3/2021

Nader Mehri – Population Health Research Brief Series – New York State’s Counties Have Different Trends in Population Aging – 3/2021

Nina Kohn in The Hill Netflix’s ‘I Care a lot’ should worry you  – 3/2021

Mary E. Helander, Bernard Appiah, and Miriam Mutambudzi – Population Health Research Brief Series – Stroke: Identifying Symptoms and Acting Fast to Save Lives and Prevent Permanent Disabilities –  3/2021

Andrew S. London and Scott D. Landes in Journal of Attention Disorders“Cohort Change in the Prevalence of ADHD among U.S. Adults: Evidence of a Gender-Specific Historical Period Effect” – 2/2021

Colleen Heflin, Katie Green, Ying Huang, and Asiya Validova – Public Health Research Brief Series – Unmet Needs are Associated with Increased Stress and Poor Physical and Mental Health in Early Adulthood – 2/2021

Mahmood Messkoub, Nader Mehri, and Mahmood Ghazi-Tabatabai in Journal of Time Use Research – What is unpaid female labour worth? Evidence from the Time Use Surveys of Iran in 2008 and 2009 – 2/2021

Dalton Stevens and Scott Landes in Preventive Medicine ReportsAssessing state level variation in signature authority and cause of death accuracy – 2/2021

Andrew S. London and Aaron Hoy in Journal of HomosexualitySame-Sex Sexuality and the Risk of Divorce: Findings from Two National Studies – 2/2021

Claire Pendergrast in Journal of Applied GerontologyThere Was No ‘That’s Not My Jon'”: New York Area Agencies on Aging Approaches to Supporting Older Adults During COVID-19 Pandemic – 2/2021

Sarah Hamersma and Johanna Catherine Maclean -Population Health Research Brief Series – Expanding Public Insurance Eligibility Increases Substance Use Treatment Provider Acceptance of Public Insurance and Increases Adolescent Access to Treatment  – 2/2021

Scott D. Landes, Margaret A. Turk, and Erin Bisesti in BMJ OpenUncertainty and the reporting of intellectual disability on death certificates: a cross sectional study of US mortality data from 2005-2017 – 2/2021

Arlene Kanter in The HillReligious Freedom is No Reason to Deny People with Disabilities that Right to Equality in the Workplace – 2/2021

Arlene Kanter – The Failure of the United States to Ratify the CRPD, chapter in Recognizing Rights in Different Cultural Contexts: The United Nations Convention on the Rights of Person with Disabilities (CRPD) (Kelley Johnson & Emily Julia Kakoullis, eds., Springer Books, 2020) – 2/2021

Douglas A. Wolf, Shannon M. Monnat, and Jennifer Karas Montez – Population Health Research Brief Series – Allowing Cities to Raise Minimum Wage Could Prevent Hundreds of Infant Deaths Annually – 1/2021

Scott Landes and Andrew London in Journal of Attention DisordersSelf-Reported ADHD and Adult Health in the U.S. – 1/2021

Douglas Wolf, Shannon Monnat, and Jennifer Karas Montez in Preventive Medicine Effects of US State Preemption Laws on Infant Mortality – 1/2021

Jennifer Karas Montez and Mateo P. Farina in Public Policy & Aging Report Do Liberal U.S. State Policies Maximize Life Expectancy – 1/2021

Megan Gilligan, J. Jill Suitor, Marissa Rurka, and Merril Silverstein in Journal of Family Theory & Review – Multigenerational social support in the face of COVID-19 pandemic – 1/2021

Ashlyn W.W.A. Wong and Scott D. Landes – Population Health Brief Series – COVID-19 Risk for Individuals with Intellectual and/or Developmental Disabilities Varies by Type of Residential Setting – 1/2021


Jennifer Karas Montez was elected for a 3-year term on the Board of Directors of the Interdisciplinary Association of Population Health Science. – 7/2021


Madonna Harrington Meyer was the keynote speaker for the conference, Dynamics of Accumulated Inequalities for Seniors in Employment (DAISIE), May 25-26 at Karlstad University, Sweden. The title of her talk was, “Grandparenting Children with Disabilities: Impact on Work and Retirement.” In addition, Ynesse Abdul-Malak, presented a joint paper with Madonna Harrington Meyer at the conference titled, “Financial Impacts of Caring for Grandchildren with Disabilities.”

In the News 

Merril Silverstein’s work was cited in David Brooks, New York Times article – What’s Ripping American Families Apart? – 8/2021

Madonna Harrington Meyer’s work was mentioned in the New York Times article, “How to Have a Fun, Multigenerational Family Vacation.” – 7/2021

Jennifer Karas Montez was interviewed by the following:
– USA Today – “US life expectancy decreased by 1.5 years during the pandemic – the largest drop since WW II”
– BuzzFeed – “US life expectancy in 2020 dropped by more than it has since World War II” -7/2021

Shannon Monnat was interviewed by the following:
– The Associated Press – “US overdose deaths hit record 93,000 in pandemic last year.” It was picked up by more than 700 outlets, including The Washington Post, CNBC, USA Today, Fox News, New York Post, NBC News, ABC News and CBS News.
– NBCLX – Monnat discussed the increase in drug overdoses in 2020. Her interview starts around the 14:30 mark:
– CBS News Radio Program, “America Changed Forever,” regarding the drug overdose crisis. – 7/2021

Doug Wolf was interviewed by CNY Central discussing a new study that shows that raising the minimum wage could save lives. Learn more here. – 5/2021

Scott Landes was interviewed about disability data during the pandemic on included: The Disability Equity Podcast hosted by the Johns Hopkins University Disability Health and Research. Audio/Transcript – 4/2021

ASI Faculty Associate Scott Landes was interviewed for a PBS Newshour story – Relative invisibility makes for uphill battle to get COVID vaccines for Americans with IDD – 4/2021

Jennifer Karas Montez discusses state policies, life expectancy on Innovation Hub – “Your State’s Politics Might Be The Death of You” – 4/2021

Madonna Harrington Meyer’s work discussed in AARP article, “How to Grandparent a Child with Special Needs.” – 3/2021

Shannon Monnat interviewed for an AP News Story, which was picked up by over 600 media outlets – US deaths in 2020 to 3 million, by far most ever counted – 1/2021