ASI News – Fall 2022


CAPS Seminar: Courtney C. Coile, Professor of Economics, Wellesley College, “Recessions and Retirement: New Evidence from the COVID-19 Pandemic.” – 11/2022

CAPS Seminar: Taylor Hargrove, Assistant Professor of Sociology at University of North Carolina, “Mental Health across the Early Life Course at the Intersections of Race, Skin Tone, and School Context.” – 11/2022

Gerontological Society of America (GSA) Annual Scientific Meeting in Indianapolis, IN – List of Presentations of ASI faculty and students:

Navigating Life Uncoupled: Changes in Singlehood Satisfaction in Response to Major Life Events
Authors: Jeewon Oh, Syracuse University and William Chopik, Michigan State University

Tracing the Religious Life Course: Inter-and Intragenerational Sources of Later-Life Religiosity in Baby Boomers
Authors: Merril Silverstein, Syracuse University, Joonsik Yoon, Syracuse University, Riansimone Harris, Syracuse University, and Woosang Hwang, Texas Tech University

Financial and Time Help from Adult Children During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Authors: Emily E. Wiemers, Syracuse University, I-Fen Lin, Bowling Green State University, Janecca Chin, Bowling Green State University, and Anna Strauss, Syracuse University

Leveraging Community-Based Knowledge to Address the Needs of Older Adults from Racial/Ethnic Minority Populations
Authors: Catherine Garcia, Syracuse University

The Neighborhood Context and All-Cause Mortality Among Older Adults in Puerto Rico
  Authors: Catherine Garcia, Syracuse University

Engaging Method and Analysis to Discover and Reimagine Possibilities for Individuals Aging with and into Disability
Authors: Julia Finan, Syracuse University

A Multipronged Approach to Modeling Dyadic Similarity Among Middle-Aged and Older Adults
Authors: Mariah Purol, Michigan University, Rebekka Weidmann, Michigan State University, Louis Hickman, University of Pennsylvania, Jeewon Oh, Syracuse University, and William Chopik, Michigan
State University

Psychiatric History and Later-Life Cognitive Change: Effect Modification by Sex, Race and Ethnicity (Poster)
  Authors: Maria Brown, Syracuse University and Miriam Mutambudzi, Syracuse University

Mortality Risk Among Older Veterans and Nonveterans: The Importance of Combat Status
  Authors: Scott Landes, Syracuse University and Jennifer Piazza, California State University

Dementia Trajectories, Medicaid Coverage, and Healthcare Services Use
Authors: Wassim Tarraf, Wayne State University and Marc A. Garcia, Syracuse University

–  Consumers and Providers on the Needs of Long-Term Survivors and People Aging with HIV in New York State
Authors: Maria Brown, Syracuse University, Eugenia Siegler, Weill Cornell Medical College, Marz Albarran,, John Wikier, NU Statewide Peer Network, Angie Partap, Stony Brook
Medicine, Courtney Ahmed, NYSDOH AIDS Institute, and Thomas Heslop, Weill Cornell Medical College

Typologies of Parent-Child Relationships and Associated Health Outcomes: A Cross Cultural Comparison
Authors: Dexia Kong, The Chines University of Hong Kong, Peiyi Lu, Columbia University, and Merril Silverstein, Syracuse University

–  Intergenerational Digital Solidarity in Aging Families and Its Associations with Relational Outcomes (Poster)
Authors: Xiaoyu Fu, Syracuse University, Woosang Hwang, Texas Tech University, and Merril Silverstein, Syracuse University

Passing on the Silver Spoon: The Role of Early Life Circumstances on Downward Intergenerational Financial Transfers (Poster)
Authors: Kent Jason Cheng, Syracuse University

The Neighborhood Context and All-Cause Mortality Among Older Adults in Puerto Rico
Authors: Catherine Garcia, Syracuse University, Mary McEniry, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Michael Crowe, University of Alabama-Birmingham

Dementia Life Expectancies: New Knowledge and Considerations from the Health and Retirement Study
Authors: Marc A. Garcia, Syracuse University, Wassim Tarraf, Wayne State University, Chi-Tsun Chiu, Institute of European and American Studies, Joseph Saenz, University of Southern California, and
Adriana Reyes, Cornell University

Loneliness and Depression: Examining the Moderating Effects of Resilience Resources
Authors: Xiaoyan Zhang, Syracuse University and Merril Silverstein, Syracuse University

Home-Delivered Meal Deliveries and Feelings of Safety for Older Americans Act Participants
Authors: Claire Pendergrast, Syracuse University and Heather Menne, RTI International  -10/2022

CAPS Annual Conference – Keynote Speaker: David Cutler, Otto Eckstein Professor of Applied Economics, Department of Economics, Harvard University – “Is Aging a Luxury Good.” Watch Recording – 10/2022

Disability Health Inequities Research Network (DHERN) Seminar – Dr. Paula Braveman, MD, MPH, Professor of Family and Community Medicine and Founding Director of the Center for Health Equity, University of California, San Francisco, “Health Equity and Disability: Making the Connections.: – 9/2022

CAPS Seminar: Aliya Saperstein, Associate Professor of Sociology at Stanford University, “Measuring Sex and Gender – Recommendations from the National Academies of Sciences.” – 9/2022

Grant Awards

Catherine Garcia has been awarded a pilot grant from the Network on Education, Biosocial Pathways, and Dementia in Diverse Populations Supported by Grant Number R24AG077433 from the National Institute on Aging of the National Institutes of Health. The project is entitled Intersectional and Biosocial Approaches to Understanding Cognitive Function among Older Latinos. – 11/2022

Jun Li was awarded a pilot grant from the Center to Accelerate Population Research in Alzheimer’s from University of Michigan. Grant title, “Specialization in Post-Acute Dementia Care: Do High Volume Home Health Agencies and Skilled Nursing Facilities Result in Better Patient Outcomes?” – 9/2022

Congratulations to Emily Wiemers on being awarded a five year NIH U01 grant, entitled “Tracing the Health Consequences of Family Support during the COVID-19 Pandemic.” I-Fen Lin (Bowling Green State University), Judith Seltzer (UCLA), V. Joseph Hotz (Duke University), and Marc A. Garcia are co-investigators on the project. – 9/2022


Congratulations to Catherine Garcia on being elected as the new Chair of the Minority Issues in Gerontology Advisory Panel (MIGAP) for the Gerontological Society of America. She will serve from January 1, 2023 to December 31, 2023. Part of her responsibilities includes (1) providing specialized expertise, advice, key information, and support in the areas of minority issues; and (2) performing other society-wide tasks to serve the mission of the GSA, its strategic plan, and members’ interests. – 12/2022

Merril Silverstein organized a successful international conference at Lubin House in New York City from November 8-10 entitled “Continuities and Discontinuities in Religiosity, Spirituality, and Secularity Across Generations.” The conference brought together scholars from six countries to present papers on intergenerational transmission and transformation of religion and non-religion in the developed world. Maria Brown, ASI faculty associates, and doctoral students from Sociology, Social Science, and HDFS were in attendance. – 11/2022

Jennifer Karas Montez joins The Milbank Quarterly as an OpED Contributing Writer. Writers contribute several “hot topic” articles each year on the intersection of policy and population health. – 10/2022

Congratulations to Emily Wiemers and Scott Landes for being selected as O’Hanley Faculty Scholars. They were selected for outstanding teaching, scholarship and other accomplishments, including success with external grant support and service to the institution. The scholars hold the title for three years and receive supplemental financial support for teaching and research. – 9/2022

Congratulations to Kent Cheng on being selected as a recipient of the Gerontological Society of America (GSA) Mentoring and Career Development Technical Assistant Workshop Diversity Fellow Award. This award is made possible through a grant from the National Institute of Aging and is given to acknowledge world-class early career researchers from diverse backgrounds who have the potential to succeed in a career in aging research. – 9/2022


Scott Landes in Academic MinuteThe COVID-19 Burden has been Greater Among People with Intellectual and Developmental Disability – 12/2022

Kent Jason Cheng, Janet M. Wilmoth in The International Journal of Aging and Human Development Socioeconomic Determinants of Anticipated and Actual Caregiving for Older Adults in India – 12/2022

Andy Hochstetler, David J. Peters, and Shannon M. Monnat in American Journal of Criminal Justice Prescription Opioid Resiliency and Vulnerability: A Mixed-Methods Comparative Case Study – 11/2022

Doug Wolf in Frontiers in Public HealthState Policies that Promote, and that Inhibit, Improved Public Health: An Exploratory Analysis of Paid Sick Leave ( this is part of a collection co-edited by Shannon Monnat) – 11/2022

Merril Silverstein – Lerner Center/CAPS Population Health Research Brief SeriesHow Has Grandparenthood Changed in Rural China? – 11/2022

Marc A. Garcia, Catherine Garcia, and Erin Bisesti – Lerner Center/CAPS Population Health Research Brief SeriesThe Unequal Burden of Long COVID – 11/2022

Scott Landes wrote and OpEd in the Hasting Center Bioethics Forum – Moving on from Covid? Immunocompromised People Can’t – 11/2022

Colleen Heflin, Dongmei Zuo, and Gabriella Alphonso – Lerner Center/CAPS Population Health Research Brief SeriesLimited Cognitive Ability May Reduce SNAP Participation among Older Adults – 11/2022

Jennifer Karas Montez, Shannon Monnat, and collaborators publish an article, “U.S. State Policy Contexts and Mortality of Working-age Adults.” PLOS ONE 17(10): e0275466, that was covered by 67 news outlets last week including NBC, The Guardian, The Hill, and USA Today. – 11/2022

Erin Bisesti and Marc A. Garcia – Lerner Center/CAPS Population Health Research Brief SeriesThe Cost of Being a Woman: How Race and Education Affect the Gender Pay Gap – 10/2022

Stephanie Zemba and Janet Wilmoth – Lerner Center/CAPS Population Health Research Brief SeriesOlder Immigrants are More Likely Than Older Nonimmigrants to Experience Loneliness – 10/2022

Germinario Giuseppe, Vikesh Amin, Carlos A. Flores, Alfonso Flores-Lagunes in Labour EconomicsWhat Can We Learn About the Effect of Mental Health on Labor Market Outcomes Under Weak Assumptions? Evidence from the NLSY79 – 10/2022

Kevin Heffernan and Andrew Heckel – Lerner Center/CAPS Population Health Research Brief Series Does COVID-19 Infection Increase Blood Pressure – 10/2022

Jun Li’s co-authored paper with Edward Norton and Emily Lawton, “Moneyball in Medicare: Heterogeneous Treatment Effects,” will be published in the American Journal of Health Economics and featured by the popular health care blog Tradeoffs. – 9/2022

Marc A. Garcia, Erica D. Diminich, Peiyi Lu, Sandra P. Arévalo, Linda Sayed, Randa Abdelrahim, and Kristine J. Ajrouch in The Journals of Gerontology: Series B, gbac153 – Caregiving for Foreign-Born Older Adults with Dementia – 9/2022

Marc A. Garcia, Wassim Tarraf, Adriana M. Reyes, and Chi-Tsun Chiu in The Journals of Gerontology: Series B, gbac133Gender, Age of Migration and Cognitive Life Expectancies among Older Latinos: Evidence from the Health and Retirement Study – 9/2022

Marc A. Garcia, Mara Getz Sheftel, Adriana M. Reyes, and Catherine Garcia – Lerner Center/CAPS Population Health Research Brief SeriesSociocultural and Demographic Drivers of Latino Population Health in New York State – 9/2022

Scott Landes, Julia Finan, and Margaret Turk in Disability and Health JournalCOVID-19 Mortality Burden and Comorbidity Patterns Among Decedents with and without Intellectual and Developmental Disability in the US – 9/2022

Taryn W. Morrissey, Colleen M. Heflin, and W Clay Fannin in Early Childhood Research QuarterlyRoom to grow: Examining participation and stability in child care subsidies using state administrative data – 9/2022

Jennifer Karas Montez and Kent Jason Cheng in Frontiers in Public Health Educational Disparities in Adult Health Across U.S. States: Larger Disparities Reflect Economic Factors – 9/2022

Michael McFarland, Terrance Hill, and Jennifer Karas Montez in Journal of Health and Social BehaviorIncome Inequality and Population Health: Examining the Role of Social Policy – 9/2022

Douglas A. Wolf, Jennifer Karas Montez, and Shannon M. Monnat – Lerner Center/CAPS Population Health Research Brief SeriesAllowing Cities to Mandate Employer Paid Sick Leave Could Reduce Deaths among Working-Age Adults – 9/2022

In the News

Marc Garcia’s publications were mentioned in the following media outlets:
– Tribunes Los Angeles Times – Pandemic’s toll on older Latinos robs community, Grandparents, often key to a family’s success, have been hard hit by COVID
– Los Angeles Times Online/San Diego Union Tribune – COVID-19 is robbing Latino community of a secret weapon behind their success: grandparents
– Yahoo! News – How COVID-19 is tearing at the heart of the Latino family structure – 11/2022

Bhavneet Walia was interviewed by TIME magazine about her research on Telehealth in the article, “The Online Therapy Bubble is Bursting.” – 11/2022

Shannon Monnat was interviewed for the GRID News article, “U.S. suicide rates rose again in 2021, ending a brief decline during the covid pandemic.” – 10/2022

Shannon Monnat’s work was featured in the New York Times article, “There are Two America’s Now: One with a B.A. and One Without.” – 10/2022

The paper, “US State Preemption Laws and Working-Age Mortality,” by Douglas Wolf, Jennifer Karas Montez, and Shannon Monnat, is featured in the September 21 edition of OPEN MINDS Weekly News Wire, a nationally distributed, weekly market intelligence report that is aimed at health and human service professionals. – 9/2022

Colleen Heflin and Len Lopoo were featured on the “Cuse Conversations” Podcast. They discussed, Studying Human Behavior and Turning Policy into Practice to Address Food Insecurity. Listen here. – 9/2022

Scott Landes work was mentioned in article, “COVID was top killer of people with developmental disabilities during pandemic, SU study shows.” – 9/2022

Doug Wolf was interviewed by the Asahi Shimbun newspaper (Osaka, Japan), Canadian HR, and Fortune Magazine for articles about the public health consequences of paid sick leave mandates. – 9/2022

Doug Wolf was quoted in Paula Span’s “The New Old Age” column in the New York Times (online 9/4/2022, print edition 9/6/2022) in connection with the problem of balancing paid employment with family caregiving. – 9/2022


Jennifer Karas Montez gave a plenary on October 18th at the 2022 Southern Demographic Association meeting in Knoxville, TN, titled “States of Life and Death: Policies, Politics, and Population Health.” – 10/2022

On September 21st, Maria Brown presented the paper, “Does religiosity in early middle age reduce risk of mortality over five decades? A multidimensional consideration within a hazard modeling framework” (Wencheng Zhang, Woosang Hwang, and Merril Silverstein) at REVES 2022 Meeting in Halifax, NS, Canada. – 10/2022

On September 20th, Marc A. Garcia was an invited speaker at the National Hispanic Council on Aging (NHCOA) 2022 Virtual Capitol Hill Briefing, “The End of a Pandemic? Implications for the Health and Well-Being Older Latinx Adults.” – 9/2022

Douglas Wolf was a panelist for New America’s event “Celebrating California’s First-in-the-Nation Paid Leave Program,” on September 22nd. – 9/2022

Kanika Arora and Douglas Wolf presented a paper at a session on “Paid leave and caregiving” as part of the “Equitable Growth 2022: People and Research Advancing Economic Evidence” conference on September 20th. – 9/2022