Aging Studies Publications
Title Type Author(s) Date Source/Publisher
Is There a Tradeoff Between Parent Care and Self-Care Articles K. Arora and D. Wolf June 6, 2014 Demography 51: 1251-1270
Veteran status and men’s later-life cognitive trajectories: Evidence from the Health and Retirement Study Articles Maria T. Brown, Janet M. Wilmoth, and Andrew S. London June 2, 2014 Journal of Aging and Health, 26: 924 – 951.
The Challenge of Optimal Brain Health Throughout Life Policy Briefs Mattson, Mark P. March 6, 2014 Syracuse University Aging Studies Institute
The Continuum of Disability over the Lifespan: The Convergence of Aging with Disability and Aging into Disability. Articles Monahan, D. and Wolf, D. March 1, 2014 Disability and Health Journal, 7: S1–S3
An Evaluation of Recent Old-Age Policy Innovations in South Korea. Articles Lee, Hee Seung and Wolf, Douglas January 14, 2014 Research on Aging 2014, 36: 707–730
“Extramarital relationships in the context of spousal Alzheimer’s Disease: A mixed-methods exploration of public attitudes.” Articles Andrew S. London and Janet M. Wilmoth January 1, 2014 Contemporary Perspectives in Family Research, 8A: 103-134.
African-American kinship caregivers: Family service needs and permanency Book Chapters Smith, C.J. & Monahan, D.J. January 1, 2014 New York: Nova Science Publishers Inc.
Ambivalence in older parent-adult child relationships: Mixed feelings, mixed measures Articles Lendon, J., Silverstein, M. & Giarrusso, R. January 1, 2014 Journal of Marriage and Family. 76, 272–284
Caregiving responsibilities of older women for chronically ill and disabled family members Book Chapters Monahan, D.J. January 1, 2014 Bentham Publisher, Inc.
Cardiorespiratory fitness and incident metabolic syndrome in middle aged men Jae SY, Heffernan KS, Fernhall B, Park WH, Choi YH January 1, 2014 Annals of Human Biology, PMID 24180292
Educational Saving Incentives for Low-Income Families: Experimental Evidence from the Michigan SEED Program Articles Gary Engelhardt, Alissa L. Dubnicki, Ellen L. Marks, and Bryan B. Rhodes January 1, 2014 National Tax Association Proceedings (105th Annual Conference on Taxation), 2014: 47-54
Vulnerability Theory and the Role of Government Articles Nina A. Kohn January 1, 2014 Yale Journal of Law and Feminism
Long Term Care Policies and Challenges for the Elderly Articles Harrington Meyer, Madonna and Jessica Hausauer January 1, 2014 The Oxford Handbook of US Social Policy
Taxes and the Labor Supply of Older Americans: Recent Evidence from the Social Security Earnings Test Articles Gary Engelhardt Anil Kumar January 1, 2014 National Tax Journal 67:2 (June) 2014: 443-458
A Call to Action on Elder Law Education: An Assessment & Recommendations Based on National Survey Articles Nina A. Kohn & Edward D. Spurgeon January 1, 2014 Elder Law Journal
What Social Workers Need to Know about the Retirement Income Crisis Articles E. R. Kingson, N. J. Altman, and S. H. Gorin January 1, 2014 Health & Social Work, Volume 39, Number 4
Socioeconomic Disparities in Health among Older Adults and the Implications for the Retirement Age Debate: A Brief Report Articles Anna Zajacova, Jennifer Karas Montez, and Pamela Herd January 1, 2014 Advances in Life Course Research 18(4):244-256.
A Test for Selection in Matched Administrative Earnings Data Articles Gary Engelhardt and Jesse Bricker January 1, 2014 Journal of Economic and Social Measurement 39:4 (October) 2014: 247-255
Forgetfulness during aging: An integrated biology. In Special Issue: Stress and the regulation of memory: From basic mechanisms to clinical implications Articles Gold, P.E. and Korol, D.L. January 1, 2014 Neurobiology of Learning and Memory
Cumulative Childhood Adversity, Educational Attainment, and Active Life Expectancy among U.S. Adults Articles Jennifer Karas Montez and Mark D. Hayward January 1, 2014 Demography 51(2):413-435.