Aging Studies Publications
Title Type Author(s) Date Source/Publisher
Late Life Disability Trends and Trajectories Book Chapters D. Wolf January 1, 2016 Handbook of Aging and the Social Sciences, 8th Edition
Lawyers for Legal Ghosts: The Ethics and Legality of Representing Persons Subject to Guardianship Articles Nina A. Kohn & Catheryn Koss January 1, 2016 Washington Law Review
Past-month pain and cognitiveaffective smoking processes among daily smokers Bakhshaie, Ditre, Langdon, & Zvolensk January 1, 2016 Addictive Disorders & Their Treatment
The Benefits of Educational Attainment for U.S. Adult Mortality. Are they Contingent on the Broader Environment Articles Jennifer Karas Montez and Kaitlyn Barnes January 1, 2016 Population Research and Policy Review 35(1):73-100.
“Childhood Adversities and Adult Cardiometabolic Health: Do Quantity, Timing, and Type of Adversity Matter? Articles Esther Friedman, Jennifer Karas Montez, Connor McDevitt Sheehan, Tara L. Gruenewald, and Teresa E. Seeman January 1, 2016 Journal of Aging and Health 27(8):1311-1338
The role of anxiety and depression in bi-directional relations between pain and tobacco smoking Articles Zale, Maisto, & Ditre January 1, 2016 Behavior Modification
Dynamic memory searches: Output interference selectively impacts episodic memory Articles Aue, Criss, Prince December 22, 2015 Psychonomic Bulletin & Review
Does Familism Inhibit Demand for Long-Term Care? Public Policy Implications of Growing Ethnic Diversity in the United States Articles Silverstein, Merril and Wang, Rebecca October 7, 2015 Public Policy & Aging Report 25(3):83-87
Inter-Cohort Variation in the Consequences of U.S. Military Service on Men’s Body Mass Index Trajectories in Mid-to Late-Life Articles Janet M. Wilmoth, Andrew S. London, and Christine Himes August 25, 2015 Springer Publication Pp. 133-154
The Use of VA Disability Benefits and Social Security Disability Insurance among Veterans Articles Janet M. Wilmoth, Andrew London, and Colleen M. Heflin August 25, 2015 Disability and Health Journal 8: 388-396
Reply D. Wolf, V. Freedman, J. Ondrich, C. Seplaki, and B. Spillman, 2015 August 1, 2015 Journals of Gerontology, Series B: Psychological Sciences and Social Sciences 70: 757- 758.
Commitment and Change: Constants of Family Ties Over Time Policy Briefs Ingrid Arnet Connidis June 4, 2015 Aging Studies Institute Syracuse University
Social Class, Family Complexity, and Intergenerational Relations Policy Briefs Andrew J. Cherlin June 3, 2015 Syracuse University Aging Studies Institute
Veteran Status and Paid Sex among American Men: Results from Three National Surveys Articles Andrew S. London and Janet M. Wilmoth May 1, 2015 Archives of Sexual Behavior, 44, 997-1009
Parental Disability, Parent Care, and Offspring Mental Health Outcomes Articles D. Wolf, K. Raissian, and E. Grundy March 11, 2015 European Journal of Ageing 12: 175-185.
Disability Trajectories at the End of Life: A ‘Countdown’ Model Articles D. Wolf, V. Freedman, J. Ondrich, C. Seplaki, and B. Spillman March 3, 2015 Journals of Gerontology, Series B: Psychological Sciences and Social Sciences 70: 745-752
Estrogens and cognition: Friends or Foes? Special Issue on Estradiol and Cognition. Articles Korol, D.L. and Pisani, S.L. January 1, 2015 Hormones and Behavior, 74, 105-115
“Single-Headed Family Economic Vulnerability and Reliance on Social Programs in Aging Policies and New American Families Articles Harrington Meyer, Madonna and Ynesse Abdul-Malak January 1, 2015 Public Policy and Aging Report
Grandmothers’ Financial Contributions and the Impact on Grandmothers Book Chapters Harrington Meyer, Madonna January 1, 2015 Amityville, NY: Baywood Press
Prescription Drug Coverage and Drug Utilization: New Evidence from the HRS Prescription Drug Study Articles Gary Engelhardt January 1, 2015 Journal of Economic and Social Measurement 40:1 (January) 2015: 1-17