FAQs for Teaming Program

Do I need to visit the other CAPS site or can I do the teaming program remotely?
For the 2020-2021 year, the meetings may take place on-site or through a virtual platform. For additional questions, please contact Jennifer Karas Montez at CAPS@syr.edu.
By when do I need to conduct the virtual or onsite meetings?
Teams are encouraged to meet within 4 months of receiving the award.
What receipts do I need to keep and submit?
Please save any receipts for expenses unrelated to stipends.
I received a CAPS Teaming Program award in the past. Can I still apply for another one?
Yes. Preference will be given to applicants who have not received an award in the past. CAPS affiliates can receive up to two awards.
I’d like to apply with a collaborator at another CAPS site who is not currently a CAPS affiliate. Is this possible?
Potentially. As CAPS continues to grow, we welcome additional affiliates with existing or emerging interests in the demography and economics of aging. For questions, contact Jennifer Karas Montez at CAPS@syr.edu.
How may I use the funds?
The funds can be used in any way that supports the development of innovative research and grant proposals. Examples include, but are not limited to, stipends for the team members, data acquisition, software purchase, research assistants, and costs of travel to the host site (e.g., mileage, lodging, meals, child or elder care).
How do I prepare a budget to submit with my application ?
Submit a brief explanation of how the funds will be used and how they should be dispersed across the collaborators.  For example, “Collaborator A will use $400 as a stipend and $200 to purchase software. Collaborator B will use $400 as a stipend.”