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  • Merril Silverstein elected to the Sociological Research Association

    Merril Silverstein, professor of sociology and Marjorie Cantor Endowed Professor in Aging, was elected to the Sociological Research Association (SRA), an honors society of sociology scholars dedicated to excellence in research. The SRA was founded in 1936 and membership invitations are extended to a limited number of sociologists each year, based on their long-term careers of distinguished research. As the officers of SRA noted: “SRA elections signifies the esteem of your colleagues in the profession and their enthusiasm for your scholarship.”

    Silvertein’s research interests focus on aging in the context of family life, with an emphasis of life course and international perspectives. He is currently principal investigator of the Longitudinal Study of Generations, a project that has tracked multigenerational families over four decades. Silverstein received a PhD in sociology from Columbia University. He was inducted into the SRA on August 13 at the America Sociological Association annual meeting.