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  • Aging Studies Institute Faculty and Students present at IAGG 2017

    Aging Studies Institute faculty and students attended the 2017 IAGG conference in July located in San Francisco and presented on the following topics.

    Cultural and Gendered Expectations of Latin American and Caribbean Grandmothers in the U.S.- Ynesse Abdul-Malak

    Nativity Differences in Recovery and Deterioration in Late-Life Disablement – Rebecca Wang

    Constructing Transnational Families: Generational Ties. Filial Piety, and Caregiving Across Borders – Joonsik Yoon

    Prevalence and Profile of Grandparents Providing Occasional Grandchild Care in the U.S. – Yooumi Lee

    Entering or Exiting Grandchild Care During the Economic Crisis in the U.S. – Yooumi Lee

    Comparative Study of Caregiving in China and Australia – Hal Kendig, Cathy Hong Gong, Merril Silverstein

    Building Connections Between Elder Law and Gerontology – Nina Kohn, Israel Doron, Maria Brown

    Spiritual Development in Later Life: Perspectives from a 45-year Longitudinal Study – Vern Bengtson, Merril Silverstein

    Stepparent-Child Intergenerational Solidarity in 11 years: Moderating Role of Religious Discordance – Woosang Hwang, Merril Silverstein, and Maria Brown

    Occupational Stress and Health Among Home Health Care Workers – Jeanette Zoeckler

    Grandchildren as Support and Care Providers to Older Adults in China – Merril Silverstein, Ling Xu

    Childhood Disadvantage, Military Service, and Men’s Self-Rated Health – Janet Wilmoth, Andrew London, and Wendy Palmer

    To learn more about IAGG 2017, click here.